Scintillation Cocktails


Our liquid scintillation cocktails are convenient, easy-to-use, save preparation time and minimize laboratory errors. Our carefully-controlled scintillant blending and quality assurance procedures provide the highest performance, batch homogeneity and lot-to-lot uniformity for accurate liquid scintillation counting every time.

  • Safer LSC cocktails for lower toxicity
  • Traditional LSC cocktails for maximum performance
  • The highest standards of performance, user safety, environmental safety, and user convenience
  • Each scintillation cocktail is checked for sample acceptance, photoluminescence, chemiluminescence, clarity, sample capacity and counting efficiency

Products & Services (100)
  • LSC (42)
Product Brand Name
  • BetaPlate Scint (1)
  • Carbosorb (1)
  • Emulsifier Safe (1)
  • EN3HANCE (1)
  • Enlightning (1)
  • Filter-Count (1)
  • Flo-Scint (2)
  • Hionic-Fluor (2)
  • Hyamine (1)
  • Insta-Fluor (1)
  • Insta-Gel (2)
  • MeltiLex (2)
  • MicroScint (3)
  • MonoPhase S (1)
  • Opti-Fluor (3)
  • OptiPhase (1)
  • Packard (14)
  • PermaFluor (2)
  • Pico (7)
  • Pico-Fluor Plus (2)
  • Soluene-350 (1)
  • SOLVABLE (1)
  • Ultima Gold (26)
  • Ultima-Flo (3)
Detection Method
  • Radiometric (44)
Sample Type
  • Biological samples (9)
  • Filter (dissolved) (5)
  • Filter (dry) (8)
  • Filter (wet) (5)
  • Flow cocktail (4)
  • Flow cocktail (ammonium phosphate) (2)
  • Flow cocktail (aqueous gradients) (3)
  • Flow cocktail (water/acetonitrile gradients) (1)
  • Flow cocktail (water/methanol gradients) (3)
  • Gas (CO2) (6)
  • Gas (Radon) (7)
  • Liquid (aqueous) (22)
  • Liquid (organic) (6)
  • Oxidized samples (4)
  • Radiometric reference standards (47)
  • Solid (2)
  • Solid (insoluble) (14)
  • Solid (soluble) (26)
Sample pH
  • 6-8 (16)
  • < 6 (7)
  • > 8 (6)
  • C-14 (12)
  • Co-57 (3)
  • Cs-137 (1)
  • H-3 (26)
  • I-125 (1)
  • I-129 (1)
Volume Capacity
  • 20 mL (20)
  • 7 mL (12)
  • Classical (13)
  • Safer (28)
  • Filtermat (2)
  • Microplates (6)
Number of Wells
  • 24 (1)
  • 96 (1)

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  • PerkinElmer

    C14 Standard

    Unquenched liquid scintillation counting (LSC) standard, used to optimize liquid scintillation counter settings and to check long term stability of the instrument. This 14C standard is provided in a 20 mL vial.
    List Price : 220.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    CO57 Pico-Calibrator (Set/10)

    Pico-Calibrators are matched sets of radionuclide (gamma) point sources that are sealed with epoxy in 12 x 75 mm polypropylene tubes. This set contains ten 12 x 75 mm Cobalt-57 Pico-Calibrators.
    List Price : 2953.00 USD
  • Insta-Fluor Plus, 4x2.5L

    Insta-Fluor Plus is a pseudocumene based LSC cocktail blended for optimal counting of organic samples and nonaqueous solutions. Simply combine the organic sample with Insta-Fluor Plus, shake to ensure homogeneity and count. Insta-Fluor Plus is ideally suited for use in two-phase extraction assays (e.g. CAT assays).
    List Price : 426.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Hyamine Hydroxide, 500mL

    Hyamine Hydroxide 10-X is a quaternary ammonium hydroxide solution (1 M solution in methanol). It can be used to solubilize many biological tissues and as a 14CO2 trapping agent.
    List Price : 564.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer


    Pico-Fluor Plus is a NPE free Liquid Scintillation Cocktail featuring high sample load capacity for aqueous samples and buffer solutions, dompatibility with alkaline tissue solubilizers, compatibility and no background with alkaline sample material, and relatively high Counting efficiency for tritium.
    List Price : 204.00 USD
  • Flo-Scint II

    Flo-Scint™ II liquid scintillation cocktail can be used with polar solvents and dilute buffers affording good sample loading capacity and low viscosity
    List Price : 640.00 USD
  • Soluene® 350, 500mL

    Soluene®-350 is a strong organic base, formulated with toluene, that has an excellent capacity for the solubilization of wet tissue, aqueous tissue homogenates, proteins, nucleotides, plant material and other substances into a solution compatible with liquid scintillation cocktails.
    List Price : 481.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Cal/Norm Plate 24-Well

    24-well calibration plate for the TopCount liquid scintillation counter.
    List Price : 2419.00 USD
  • H3 Low Level Quenched Set, Large Vial, 20mL

    Quenched 3H standard (set of ten) for low level counting, ~3 x 104 DPM/vial (20 mL vial)
    List Price : 1423.00 USD
  • Ultima Gold XR, 2x5L

    Liquid scintillation cocktail with high sample load capacity.
    List Price : 699.00 USD
  • Bkg Standard

    Background standard for unquenched liquid scintillation counting. This pico standard is provided in a small 7 mL vial.
    List Price : 220.00 USD
  • Tritiated Water

    Internal liquid scintillation counting (LSC) standard. 3H Water, ~2.5 x 106 DPM/g, 10 mL.
    List Price : 215.00 USD
  • H3 Standard, in 7 mL Vial

    Unquenched liquid scintillation counting (LSC) standard, used to optimize liquid scintillation counter settings and to check long term stability of the instrument. 3H Pico standard (7 mL vial) ~ 2.5 x 105 DPM.
    List Price : 232.00 USD
  • Hionic-Fluor, 2x5 Liters

    Hionic-Fluor is a cocktail tailored for samples of high ionic strength and solubilized samples in strong alkaline media. Hionic-Fluor is a pseudocumene-based LSC cocktail, formulated for counting concentrated salt or alkaline solutions, and is recommended for counting concentrated sucrose or cesium chloride gradients.
    List Price : 869.00 USD
  • MicroScintPS, 1L

    MicroScint™-PS cocktail was specifically formulated for polystyrene compatibility. It is suitable for use with virtually any type of microplate and provides long term counting stability.
    List Price : 219.00 USD
  • Ultima Gold AB, 2x5L

    Ultima Gold™ AB is the world's first liquid scintillation cocktail specifically designed for alpha/beta discrimination in liquid scintillation counting (LSC).
    List Price : 782.00 USD
  • MicroScint-O, 1L

    MicroScint-O cocktail is suitable for counting non-polar organic samples such as hexane, heptane, ethyl acetate etc., and for dried filters.
    List Price : 146.00 USD
  • Quenched Standards

    Ultima Gold Quenched Standards 14C - 7ML

    Ultima Gold quenched 14C standards for accurate correction of variable quench when using liquid scintillation cocktails from the Ultima Gold family. This set of ten contains ~2 x 104 DPM/vial, in a 7 mL vial size.
    List Price : 1488.00 USD
  • High Efficiency Mineral Oil Scintillator, 1L

    High Efficiency Mineral Oil Scintillator is the cocktail of choice for the detection of radon in water and soil samples.
    List Price : 144.00 USD
  • Combined Quenched Standards, Pico Standards, 7 mL Vials

    Quenched liquid scintillation counting standard used to establish efficiency correlation curves applicable to a wide variety of scintillation cocktails and quencing agent. This combined set of 3H and 14C standards comes in 7 mL vials.
    List Price : 3665.00 USD
  • Low Level Standards

    3H and 14C unquenched LSC standard for low level counting, 20 mL vials
    List Price : 467.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer


    Ultima Gold MV is specifically formulated for the rapid uptake of aqueous and non-aqueous samples. It is recommended for counting wet or damp glass fiber filters from cell harvesters. It is also ideal for counting small volume samples in miniature vials and microtubes because of its reduced viscosity compared to other high flash point cocktails.
    List Price : 195.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Betaplate Scint for Betaplate, 5L

    Betaplate Scint is a HiSafe cocktail for samples harvested or spotted onto dry filter membranes. High counting efficiency may eliminate sample pre-treatment often necessary with conventional cocktails. Ideal for use with samples in organic solutions.
    List Price : 343.00 USD
  • Unquenched Standard (Carbon-14) LL, 20mL

    14C unquenched LSC standard for low level counting, 20 mL vial. ~4 x 104DPM.
    List Price : 187.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Optiphase HiSafe 3, 5L

    Our OptiPhase HiSafe family of safer LSC cocktails uses the solvent di-isopropylnaphthalene (DIN) to achieve improved safety without decreasing performance.
    List Price : 245.00 USD
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