Scintillation Cocktails


Our liquid scintillation cocktails are convenient, easy-to-use, save preparation time and minimize laboratory errors. Our carefully-controlled scintillant blending and quality assurance procedures provide the highest performance, batch homogeneity and lot-to-lot uniformity for accurate liquid scintillation counting every time.

  • Safer LSC cocktails for lower toxicity
  • Traditional LSC cocktails for maximum performance
  • The highest standards of performance, user safety, environmental safety, and user convenience
  • Each scintillation cocktail is checked for sample acceptance, photoluminescence, chemiluminescence, clarity, sample capacity and counting efficiency

Products & Services (54)

Filters :

  • LSC (45)
Product Brand Name
  • BetaPlate Scint (1)
  • Biofluor (2)
  • Carbosorb (1)
  • Emulsifier Safe (1)
  • EN3HANCE (1)
  • Enlightning (1)
  • Filter-Count (1)
  • Flo-Scint (2)
  • Hionic-Fluor (2)
  • Hyamine (1)
  • Insta-Fluor (1)
  • Insta-Gel (2)
  • MeltiLex (2)
  • MicroScint (5)
  • MonoPhase S (1)
  • Opti-Fluor (3)
  • OptiPhase (1)
  • PermaFluor (2)
  • Pico-Fluor Plus (2)
  • Soluene-350 (1)
  • SOLVABLE (1)
  • Ultima Gold (16)
  • Ultima-Flo (3)
Detection Method
  • Radiometric (47)
Sample Type
  • Biological samples (9)
  • Filter (dissolved) (5)
  • Filter (dry) (9)
  • Filter (wet) (5)
  • Flow cocktail (4)
  • Flow cocktail (ammonium phosphate) (2)
  • Flow cocktail (aqueous gradients) (3)
  • Flow cocktail (water/acetonitrile gradients) (1)
  • Flow cocktail (water/methanol gradients) (3)
  • Gas (CO2) (6)
  • Gas (Radon) (7)
  • Liquid (aqueous) (22)
  • Liquid (organic) (7)
  • Oxidized samples (4)
  • Solid (2)
  • Solid (insoluble) (14)
  • Solid (soluble) (25)
Sample pH
  • 6-8 (15)
  • < 6 (7)
  • > 8 (6)
  • Classical (13)
  • Safer (29)
  • Filtermat (2)
  • Microplates (7)

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  • PerkinElmer


    Ultima Gold MV is specifically formulated for the rapid uptake of aqueous and non-aqueous samples. It is recommended for counting wet or damp glass fiber filters from cell harvesters. It is also ideal for counting small volume samples in miniature vials and microtubes because of its reduced viscosity compared to other high flash point cocktails.
    List Price : 123.00 USD
  • Ultima Gold XR, 4x2.5L

    Ultima Gold™ XR is a safer liquid scintillation cocktail with a very high sample load capacity. Ultima Gold XR is the right choice when large sample volumes need to be counted or when miniature vials are required for higher throughput. This results in a reduced cost per sample and helps keep radioactive waste to a minimum. Ultima Gold™ XR is compatible with alkaline samples.
    List Price : 624.00 USD
  • ULTIMA Gold uLLT, 4x2.5L

    Ultima Gold™ uLLT is perfect for ultra low level LSC applications. The ultra low background, high efficiency and good sample uptake is optimal for environmental monitoring applications.
    List Price : 728.00 USD
  • MicroScint-O, 1L

    MicroScint-O cocktail is suitable for counting non-polar organic samples such as hexane, heptane, ethyl acetate etc., and for dried filters.
    List Price : 109.00 USD
  • MicroScint-E, 1L

    MicroScint-E cocktail is used for assays that require in situ partitioning of the radionuclide-containing lipid phase from the aqueous phase in microplates.
    List Price : 109.00 USD
  • MicroScint-20, 1L

    MicroScint™-20 cocktail was formulated to accept dilute aqueous samples at up to 20% loading. It is the cocktail of choice for counting filters that have not been completely dried.
    List Price : 109.00 USD
  • MeltiLex, for Microbeta Filters, 100/PK

    MeltiLex®-A solid scintillator for MicroBeta filters. This solid scintillant alternative be melted onto filtermats for scintillation counting.
    List Price : 423.00 USD
  • ULTIMA Gold uLLT, 1L

    Ultima Gold™ uLLT is perfect for ultra low level LSC applications. The ultra low background, high efficiency and good sample uptake is optimal for environmental monitoring applications.
    List Price : 142.00 USD
  • Ultima Gold, 1L

    Ultima Gold™ is a safer liquid scintillation cocktail for a wide range of aqueous and nonaqueous samples. Ultima Gold™ is the ideal, high efficiency, multipurpose LSC cocktail. For samples which exhibit severe quench in conventional cocktails, Ultima Gold™ provides superior detection efficiency.
    List Price : 114.00 USD
  • SOLVABLE, 500mL

    SOLVABLE™ is an aqueous based solubilizer that has an excellent capacity for the solubilization of wet tissue, aqueous tissue homogenates, proteins, nucleotides and other substances into a solution. SOLVABLE™ can replace Soluene-350 for many applications, excluding plant material, thus increasing safety in the laboratory due to its aqueous nature.
    List Price : 297.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer


    Pico-Fluor Plus is a NPE free Liquid Scintillation Cocktail featuring high sample load capacity for aqueous samples and buffer solutions, dompatibility with alkaline tissue solubilizers, compatibility and no background with alkaline sample material, and relatively high Counting efficiency for tritium.
    List Price : 545.00 USD
  • MicroScint 40, 1L

    MicroScint™-40 cocktail was primarily developed to accept dilute aqueous samples at up to 40% loading, but was also found to be suitable for more concentrated samples. MicroScint™-40 cocktail also mixes easily with most sample types but slightly longer agitation may be necessary when handling large sample volumes. It has an absolute, unquenched Tritium efficiency of approximately 40% when measured in a 24-well white polystyrene OptiPlate microplate.
    List Price : 109.00 USD
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