Sample Dissociation

The process of sample dissociation is critical when preparing for any downstream analysis. Mishandled or improperly prepared samples can skew laboratory results rendering them useless. When preparing for anything from DNA and RNA isolation to testing for drugs of abuse, we offer solutions for sample preparation that provide consistent, repeatable results in seconds.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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  • OMNI THq Tissue Homogenizer

    The OMNI THQ Tissue Homogenizer is ideal for tissue homogenization, emulsions and suspensions, cell disruption, protein extraction and research applications. It can be hand-held or mounted to a lab stand for lengthier processing.
    List Price : 2374.00 USD
  • OMNI Prep 96 Automated Homogenizer Workstation

    OMNI Prep 96 Automated Homogenizer Workstation

    The OMNI Prep 96 is a fully automated, high-throughput homogenizer workstation which enables true walk away sample processing in your lab.

  • Bead Ruptor Elite Bead Mill Homogenizer

    Bead Ruptor Elite Bead Mill Homogenizer

    The high lysing efficiency of the Bead Ruptor Elite Homogenizer results in an increase in nucleic acid, protein and small molecules yields and increases the sensitivity of the downstream assay.

    List Price : 12000.00 USD
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