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  • Precision plate handling robotics improves reliability
  • Advanced instrument control with a single user interface
  • Fully scalable to integrate with one or multiple devices
  • Robust scheduler optimizes processes

PerkinElmer’s robotic arms are state-of-the-art plate handling solutions designed to increase productivity by automating life science applications. With motor controlled grippers, they can process virtually any microtiter plate. The robotic arms are controlled by plate::works software, an event-driven scheduling and control solution. The robotic arms have abroad range of device drivers allowing them to automate stand-alone instruments, like plate readers or liquid handlers, or move microplates through a series of instruments and systems, automating entire workflows. With our robotic arms, PerkinElmer provides turnkey automation solutions supporting our detection and liquid handling technologies.

PerkinElmer offers a variety of different plate handling solutions for different applications. To optimize your process workflow, PerkinElmer’s experts can help you determine which robotic arm offers the best combination of speed, precision, reach, and random access or plate stacking options for your application. The robotic solutions available are the plate::handler industrial robotic arm series, the plate::handler Flex collaborative arm series, and the Twister III robotic arm.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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  • Twister III Rack View

    Twister™ III Robotic Arm

    Plate stacking and robotic arm for smaller, benchtop workstations.
  • WS-with-EnSight-freigestell-mit-Person

    PLATE HANDLER II 110 package

    The plate::hander workstation is the newest addition to our portfolio of robotic automation workstations delivering the robust performance of cell::explorer but with a more efficient footprint. All plate::handler workstations can support the integration of up to four (4) devices, and offer plate::works™ , our industry-leading scheduling software, to deliver greater control and management of your application workflows.