“GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has deployed PerkinElmer Informatics Signals Research Cloud to support its research teams’ make-test-decide process. Using the agile software development process, GSK and PerkinElmer Informatics have been collaborating closely on this deployment of a next generation ELN application. Because PerkinElmer Signal Notebook is deployed using a cloud delivery model, the collaborative process between GSK and Informatics enables rapid roll-out of new features frequently. Continued close collaboration allows the team to focus on higher value capabilities required by GSK. These include systems integration and expanded use of the Signals Platform. The next major deliverable will expand the capabilities to additional cohorts of users and provide enhanced instrument data processing using PerkinElmer Signals Screening and improved decision-support with Signals Lead Discovery capabilities.”

“VP of Research Solutions, Pharmaceutical Research, GlaxoSmithKline”