Reporter Gene Assays


Reporter gene assays enable high sensitivity measurement of gene expression and cell signaling through the addition of bioluminescent genes into target cells.

Our reporter gene assay reagents produce a long-lived glow for plate batch processing and simplified, automated, cost-effective screens. Our luciferase assay reagent options have a half-life of several hours, allowing for streamlined detection procedures.

Use our assays to characterize the strength of promoters and enhancers, define the role of transcription factors, or assess transfection efficiency during drug development. Benefits include:

  • Convenient one-step processing: No washes required – simply mix, incubate, and read
  • Strong signal for remarkably accurate and thorough firefly or renilla luciferase reading
  • Enhanced stability: All our luciferase reporter assay options are designed for extended storage at 2-8°C
  • No DTT: Unlike most luciferase detection reagents, our reporter gene assay options do not contain DTT, eliminating toxic hazards and the need for hood work
  • Amenable to high throughput and ultra-high throughput environments, using 384- or 1536-well microplate formats
  • Excellent Z' Values: Each luciferase assay system offers robust, sensitive performance, with high signal-to-background ratios

Our luciferase reporter assay options include:

  • britelite plus
  • neolite
  • steadylite plus
  • sensilite
  • twinlite

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