Receptor Cell Lines & Membranes


PerkinElmer offers a comprehensive collection of validated fresh cell lines, frozen cells, and membrane preparations for your GPCR research needs. With over 400 stable cell lines for binding and functional testing, and over 150 frozen ready-to-use cells, plus over 100 membrane preparations, PerkinElmer has one of the largest portfolio of GPCR cell lines.

Stable Cell Lines:

  • AequoScreen
  • ValiScreen
  • PhotoScreen

Frozen Cells:

  • AequoZen
  • cAMPZen

Membrane preparations:

  • Membrane Target Systems

All cell clones are selected for optimized performance for your binding and functional assays.

Cell Lines
Cell Lines

Cell Lines

PerkinElmer offers an extensive portfolio of stably transfected cells lines for your GPCR research needs. Choose from our selection of ValiScreen cells lines expressing a variety of GPCRs, AequoScreen cell lines with expressing both aequorin and a variety of GPCRS, or PhotoScreen cell lines including phosphoprotein kinetic luminescence technology.

Frozen Cells
Frozen Cells

Frozen Cells

PerkinElmer's validated, ready-to-use AequoZen or cAMPZen frozen, growth arrested cells make it easier for you to perform functional testing of GPCRs. Just thaw and use! Reliable, convenient AequoZen cells for aequorin calcium testing or cAMPZen cells for cAMP testing let you get the testing done. So you can concentrate on results.

Membrane Preparations
Membrane Preparations

Membrane Preparations

PerkinElmer's Membrane Target System membrane preparations provide a convenient, reliable platform for GPCR binding studies.

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