Quasar™ AQ


Our Quasar AQ phase, based on ultra pure silica, is a C18 bonded ligand with a polar end capping. It provides alternative selectivty to C18 phases and is also robust under 100% aqueous mobile phase conditions.

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  • 250x4_6mm_angle_700x700

    Quasar AQ LC Column

    Quasar AQ LC columns benefit from no phase collapse even in 100% aqueous mobile phase conditions and the polar end capping aids in retention of more polar compounds.
    Price Range : 577.00 USD - 869.00 USD
  • N9306876_angle_700x700

    Quasar™ Guard Cartridge Holder

    Quasar C18 LC columns, based on ultra high purity silica and manufacturered to tight spefications, provides high efficiency separations and excellent peak shape for a wide range of compounds. Our methodology to yield high surface coverage enhances the pH stability and extends the working range. If data integrity and high producitvity are top priorities for your lab, then this column can support your needs for any application.
    List Price : 247.00 USD