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Plant-based foods testing

Plant-based / Animal-free Foods Testing Solutions

Plant-based foods consist of processed foods derived from fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds, and their derived ingredients.

PerkinElmer offers solutions like the Rapid Visco® Analyzer (RVA), an ideal performance analyzer for plant-based food systems. The RVA's infinitely customizable platform lets users easily and quickly measure ingredient performance and measure effects of processing.

The RVA is a unique tool for product development, ingredient screening, process monitoring, and quality assurance.

  • R&D: Reduce time to market for new products. Ensure superior performance vs. competitors. Reformulate quickly and easily. Baseline ingredient performance/QC before scale-up.
  • Screen Incoming Materials: Hold suppliers accountable for ingredient quality. Keep abnormal ingredients out of production and reduce downstream waste.
  • Test Final Products: Optimize dry mixes, extruded products, fried snacks, and more. Cultivate brand loyalty with consistent products.
  • Easy to Use: Minimize operator input, easily keep track of data, and no clean-up.
  • Descriptive, Powerful Results: Infinitely customizable to optimize throughput and descriptive power.
  • Compliance: Check with traceable standards to comply with ISO9000 and Quality System requirements.

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RVA - Ingredient Performance Analyzer

The Rapid Visco Analyser is a unique tool for product development, quality and process control and quality assurance.

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