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Build your own assays with Alpha bead sets. This series of kits that allows you to detect almost any kind of biological interaction as long as one of the binding partners is biotinylated and the second has a fusion tags or chemical label. AlphaScreen bead sets contain Streptavidin Donor beads and an anti-tag or anti-species AlphaScreen Acceptor bead. Common applications include fusion tag detection, protein quantitation, protein-protein interactions, receptor-ligand binding, and enzymatic assays. Phosphorylation kits and PhosphoSensor kits enable biochemical and cellular phosphorylation assays.

Products & Services (15)
Assay Target
  • cAMP (1)
  • cAMP (1)
  • Kinase (3)
  • Protein Analysis & Detection (4)
  • Protein-protein interactions (11)
Therapeutic Area
  • Metabolic (1)
Molecular Modification
  • Phosphorylation (3)

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