Nucleic Acid Isolation and PCR Setup

We offer automated solutions for nucleic acid isolation and PCR setup to increase the throughput and reproducibility of PCR workflows for virtually any application. Our automated solutions for nucleic acid isolation, analysis, purification of PCR products, and PCR setup are designed to increase the efficiency of endpoint, real-time, RT, and multiplex PCR experiments.

PerkinElmer offers several different solutions for automated nucleic acid isolation based on your sample volume and throughput needs. These solutions are grounded in the proprietary chemagen bead-based nucleic acid isolation technology, delivering high-yield and purity DNA and RNA for PCR analysis. Additionally, we offer solutions for PCR product purification PCR products, which removing impurities that maintain PCR yield.

PerkinElmer offers automated microfluidic devices simplifying the analysis of input concentration and qualitative assessment of PCR products replacing the multiple, manual steps of slab gel electrophoresis with high levels of accuracy and throughput.

With liquid handlers ranging in size from benchtop to large integrated workstations, PerkinElmer offers PCR setup automation solutions to meet any of your throughput needs.

Explore the areas below to learn how you can increase the efficiency of your PCR experiments.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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