Electronic Lab Notebooks

PerkinElmer offers two electronic laboratory notebooks to meet the needs of scientists and researchers in a wide range of industries. Both help you organize and share experimental data efficiently and communicate seamlessly with the common instruments and devices you use. No more having to sort through colleagues’ paper notebooks, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, or rationalize data in various formats. Signals Notebook, PerkinElmer’s intuitive cloud-native ELN, and E-Notebook, the on premise, highly customizable lab notebook, are the data managers that allow your workflow to take off, run smoothly, and stay organized.

Signals Notebook

A single location for all your experimental data. Accessible to all collaborators 24/7, whether they are employees or at contract organizations. With no maintenance or upgrades required by your IT department. Highly secure. Highly efficient. From an established biotech leader – PerkinElmer. That’s Signals Notebook.

  • The fast and easy setup, scalability, and speed for which cloud-based applications are so well known
  • Streamlined access from any location, anywhere
  • Dedicated workflows for synthetic chemistry with embedded ChemDraw®, the leading chemical drawing software
  • Integration with ChemACX, the database of more than 10 million compounds and structures, plus a directory of over 700 chemical suppliers, large and small, worldwide
  • Easy inclusion of virtually any type of data coupled with the ability to share, collaborate, and retrieve data at unprecedented speed

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Our E-notebook accelerates time to discovery- from ideation through synthesis and testing of your drugs and products.

  • Robust and highly configurable to deliver workflow functionality for all scientific disciplines
  • Deployable on premise or hosted by PerkinElmer
  • Capture experimental procedures and results to define and protect intellectual property
  • Share insights organization-wide while providing the data control and security that IT departments demand

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