Noninvasive Prenatal Testing

Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) consists of analyzing cell-free DNA (cfDNA) circulating in the maternal blood in order to detect Down's syndrome and other fetal chromosomal abnormalities. From a simple blood test, NIPT has demonstrated its superior efficacy to detect trisomies thereby reducing the number of further invasive testing procedures.

By enabling early access to reliable results, NIPT has quickly been integrated in various screening programs across the world. However, cell-free DNA testing for aneuploidy screening has been so far limited by the complexity, cost and capacity of existing NIPT technologies.

Vanadis® NIPT system is built for all

Vanadis NIPT system is an automated solution designed to solve these challenges and allow laboratories to screen more women with NIPT. Indeed, it is the only NIPT screening platform to enable targeted cfDNA analysis without PCR amplification and sequencing, instead capturing target fragments of chromosomes 21, 18 and 13 and labeling them for counting.

Products may not be licensed in accordance with the laws in all countries, such as the United States and Canada. Please check with your local representative for availability.

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