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In the race to keep pace with the speed of your innovation we strive to provide you with the products you need. Every day, our R&D scientists are busy developing fully validated, ready-to-use kits and reagents for the hottest new targets – the ones you’re working on now. Over the past few of years, we’ve added hundreds of new products, and plan on continuing to evolve our product offering as your science evolves.

Our Alpha, LANCE® Ultra TR-FRET, and DELFIA® TRF technologies offer alternatives to standard ELISA assays, each with a larger dynamic range and higher signal-to-noise ratio. Alpha and LANCE Ultra TR-FRET have the added advantage of having no wash or separation steps, saving you valuable time. Whether you are looking at protein-protein interactions, receptor-ligand interactions, kinase activity, biomarker detection, or cAMP/GPCR studies you are sure to find an assay to suit your needs.

The products below represent our newest assays. Be sure to check back frequently, as we’re constantly working to keep pace with the speed of your innovation to provide you with the products you need.

Newest Assays
Newest Assays

Most Recently Released Targets

In the race to the next big breakthrough you need to have the best tools available. We are constantly working to keep pace with the speed of your innovation to provide you with the products you need.

New targets are available in our AlphaLISA®, Alpha SureFire® Ultra, and Alpha SureFire CETSA® assays in several different therapeutic areas.

  • CNS: p-Cofilin (Ser3) + Total Cofilin
  • Inflammation, Auto-Immunity: Total STAT4, Total STAT6
  • Immuno-Oncology: PD-1/PD-L2 binding kit, Total STAT4, Total STAT6
  • Metabolism: p-AMPKα1/2 (Thr172) + Total AMPKα1/2
  • NASH: p-AMPKα1/2 (Thr172) + Total AMPKα1/2, p-PDGF Receptor β (Tyr751) + Total PDGF Receptor β
  • Oncology: p-PDGF Receptor β (Tyr751) + Total PDGF Receptor β, Raf-1 (kit for target engagement)

New targets are also available in our HTRF® technology in the areas of cardiovascular, CNS, fibrosis, inflammation & auto-immunity, immuno-oncology, and oncology. See link under Suggested Content to learn more about HTRF and our other technologies with new targets available.

AlphaLISA assay principle
AlphaLISA assay principle

Alpha Technology

Virtually anything can be measured with Alpha Technology quickly and easily, including enzymes, receptor-ligand interactions, low-affinity interactions, second messenger levels, DNA, RNA, proteins, protein:protein interactions, peptides, sugars and small molecules.

  • Ease-of-use: homogeneous, no-wash assay, with no separation steps
  • Fast: results in 3 hours for most applications
  • High sensitivity: detect down to femtogram levels of target
  • Large dynamic range: 4-5 logs
  • Compatible with many samples types: serum, plasma, cerbrospinal fluid (CSF), tissue extracts, cell culture supernatants, cell lysates, and more

Choose the Alpha solution that’s right for you

  • AlphaLISA® – when running large numbers of ELISA from the same sample or working with difficult matrix, serum or plasma
  • AlphaLISA Surefire Ultra® and AlphaScreen SureFire – an excellent choice for studying pathways or phosphorylated proteins in whole cells, or studying endogenous receptors
  • AlphaScreen® – perfect for studying fusion-tagged proteins or protein:protein interactions, and for testing cAMP, phosphorylated peptides or samples in a simple matrix
  • Alpha Toolbox – when your target doesn’t have an off-the-shelf kit, the toolbox gives you everything you need to create your own

DELFIA TRF assay principle
DELFIA TRF assay principle


DELFIA® (Dissociation-Enhanced Lanthanide Fluorescent Immunoassay) TRF technology combines the benefits of Time Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) with the use of lanthanide chelates for a highly sensitive, robust and reproducible assay format. With over 20 years of history, and thousands of publications, DEFLIA is ideal for simple to complex matrices and can be used for both biochemical and cell-based assays.

DELFIA TRF offers benefits over traditional ELISA including:

  • Wider dynamic range
  • Higher S:B
  • Larger Stokes shift
  • Superior stability
  • Multiplexing capability

From immunoassays, to binding and enzymatic studies, to cytotoxicity and cell proliferation assays, our DELFIA TRF assays are sure to provide you with unmatched sensitivity, time and time again.

LANCE biomarker detection assay principle
LANCE biomarker detection assay principle


From assay development to primary and secondary screening, LANCE Ultra Technology provides researchers with robust and easy-to-use assays adaptable to a variety of targets on a broad range of multimode detectors, with the fastest time-to-results in a commercially-available TR-FRET assay.

  • No-wash/separation steps
  • Homogeneous dispense-and-read technology
  • Sensitive detection
  • High reproducibility
  • Faster time-to-results
  • Easy automation
  • 384-well and 1536-well formats

LANCE and LANCE (LANthanide Chelate Excitation) Ultra are our TR-FRET (time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer), homogeneous (no wash) technologies. One binding partner of interest is labeled with a donor fluorophore (a LANCE Europium chelate) and a second one is labeled with an acceptor fluorophore (ULight™ dye). Upon excitation at 320-340 nm, energy can be transferred from the donor Europium chelate to the acceptor fluorophore if sufficiently close for FRET (~10 nm). This results in the emission of light detectable at 665 nm.


OnPoint Custom Assays

Are you working on a novel target? If you are looking to develop your own assay PerkinElmer custom labeling services can conjugate your antibody or biomolecule for use in our Alpha, LANCE TR-FRET, or DELFIA TRF assays. Or maybe you are you short on time and need an assay developed quickly? Custom assay development allows our technical experts to develop a custom assay just for your research needs. If you are interested in having your antibody or biomolecule custom-labeled or in developing a custom assay, please contact our OnPoint custom team.
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Assay Target
  • α-tubulin (1)
  • Akt1 (1)
  • AMPKα1/2 (1)
  • Cofilin (1)
  • ErbB2 (1)
  • ERK (1)
  • NFκB (1)
  • p-PDGF Receptor β (Tyr751) (1)
  • Pan Mouse IgG Fc (1)
  • PD-1 (1)
  • PD-L1 (1)
  • PDGF Receptor &beta (1)
  • PDGF Receptor β (1)
  • Raf-1 (1)
  • Rb (3)
  • SMAD1 (1)
  • SMAD3 (1)
  • STAT4 (1)
  • STAT6 (1)
  • Protein Analysis & Detection (20)
  • Protein Binding (1)
  • Target Engagement (1)
Therapeutic Area
  • Auto-Immunity (2)
  • Cancer (1)
  • CNS (1)
  • Immuno-oncology (3)
  • Inflammation (2)
  • Metabolism (1)
  • NASH (1)
  • Oncology (5)
Product Brand Name
  • Alpha SureFire CETSA (2)
  • Alpha SureFire Ultra Multiplex (3)
  • AlphaLISA (1)
  • AlphaLISA SureFire Ultra (5)
  • AlphaLISA® (1)
  • AlphaLISA® (1)
  • DELFIA TRF (1)
  • DELTA TRF (1)
Detection Method
  • Alpha (20)
  • DELFIA TRF (2)
  • Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) (2)
Antibody Conjugates
  • anti-HRP (1)
  • Eu-N1 (1)
Assay Points (200-50,000)
  • 100 (15)
  • 10000 (13)
  • 500 (20)
  • 5000 (7)
  • 50000 (13)
Assay Target Class
  • Antibody (1)
  • Phosphoprotein (5)
  • Protein (19)
Automation Compatible
  • Yes (20)
Experimental Type
  • In vitro (12)

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