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To keep up with the speed of your innovation, we strive to provide tools designed to benefit your research. Every day, our R&D scientists are focused on developing fully validated, ready-to-use kits and reagents for the hottest new targets. We’ve added hundreds of new assays to our portfolio and plan on continuing to evolve our product selection as your science evolves.

The products below represent our newest assays. Be sure to check back frequently as we continue to launch new kits.

Most Recently Released Targets
Most Recently Released Targets

Most Recently Released Targets

In the race to the next big breakthrough you need to have the best tools available. We are constantly working to keep pace with the speed of your innovation to provide you with the products you need.

New assays are available in Alpha SureFire®Ultra, AlphaLISA®, and HTRF® technologies within several different therapeutic areas and research fields.

  • Autoimmunity: Total IRF5
  • Bioprocess/Biologics: CHO Host Cell Protein
  • Fibrosis: Total SMAD4, Phospho-SMAD4 (T277)
  • Neuroscience: Total Huntingtin (HTT), Mutant Huntingtin (HTT), Phospho-PERK (T980), Total PERK
  • Oncology: Total CDK1, Total CDK7, Total CDK9, Total CDK12, Phospho-CDK1 (T14), Phospho-CDK1 (Y15), Phospho-CDK1 (T161), Phospho-Cyclin D1 (T286), Total Cyclin D1, Total BRD4, Total BRD9, Phospho-FLT3 (Y591), Phospho-FLT3 (Y842), Total FLT3, Phospho-PERK (T980), Total PERK, Total YAP, Phospho-MEK1 (S298), Total p21
  • Targeted Protein Degradation: Total BRD4, Total BRD9, Total BRD7
Newest Target Video
Newest Target Video

Newest Target Videos

Discover brief animated videos providing information on specific targets and research areas that are addressed by our newly released assays!

Explore Janus Kinases

The Power of Cytokines

Huntingtin Protein

Assay Technologies
Assay Technologies

Explore Alpha, HTRF, LANCE Ultra, and DELFIA Assay Technologies

Our Alpha, HTRF®, LANCE® Ultra TR-FRET, and DELFIA® TRF technologies offer alternatives to standard ELISA assays, each with a larger dynamic range and higher signal-to-noise ratio. Alpha, HTRF and LANCE Ultra TR-FRET have the added advantage of having no wash or separation steps, saving you valuable time.



Alpha is a bead-based, no-wash luminescent technology. When Alpha Donor and Acceptor beads are brought together through binding to the target, a cascade of chemical reactions is set in motion, creating an amplified signal. These versatile beads are conjugated with various biomolecules that enable the detection of unique biological events, offering maximum flexibility.



HTRF (Homogeneous Time Resolved Technology) is a FRET-based, no-wash technology. HTRF technology is rapid, homogeneous, easy to use and to automate, allows extreme miniaturization and easy assay development. HTRF technology can be used in competitive and noncompetitive formats, performed as cellular or biochemical assays, and thus can been applied to a variety of applications.



LANCE (Lanthanide Chelate Excite) Ultra TR-FRET is a no wash proximity assay that combines the benefits of time resolution (TR) with fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) principles by using energy donor and energy acceptor fluorophore labels.



DELFIA (dissociation-enhanced lanthanide fluorescence immunoassay) is a time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) intensity technology. DELFIA has a similar assay principle and workflow to that of a traditional ELISA, but with the added benefits of a stable, time-resolved fluorescent signal improving assay dynamic range. DELFIA also offers a multiplexing capability.

Products & Services (92)
Assay Target
  • BRD4 (2)
  • BRD9 (2)
  • c-Jun (6)
  • C1q (2)
  • CDK1 (8)
  • CDK7 (2)
  • CDK9 (2)
  • CHO HCP (2)
  • CXCL10 (2)
  • Cyclin D1 (4)
  • DNA PKcs (4)
  • Fibronectin (2)
  • Fibronectin-EDA (2)
  • FLT3 (6)
  • IFN-γ (6)
  • IL-1β (4)
  • IL-10 (2)
  • IL-17A (4)
  • IL-2 (4)
  • IL-8 (4)
  • JAK1 (2)
  • PERK (4)
  • TNFα (4)
  • ULK1 (6)
  • XIAP BIR2 (2)
  • XIAP BIR3 (2)
  • YAP (2)
Target Species
  • Human (84)
  • Mouse (24)
  • Biologics/Bioprocess (2)
  • Protein Detection (92)
Therapeutic Area
  • Autoimmunity (46)
  • Cardiovascular (14)
  • Immuno-oncology (34)
  • Infectious Disease (non-viral) (2)
  • Inflammation (20)
  • Metabolic (12)
  • Neuroscience (34)
  • Oncology (78)
  • Rare Diseases (2)
  • Respiratory (2)
  • Virology (2)
Product Brand Name
  • AlphaLISA (42)
  • AlphaLISA SureFire Ultra (50)
Assay Target Class
  • Cytokine (15)

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