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Control and monitor the entire newborn screening process – including patient reporting and follow-up -- in one comprehensive information management system. Our informatics software for neonatal screening is the result of years of continuous development based on our experience as the recognized leader in newborn health and laboratory information management technology. The product is widely used in all parts of the world, and represents the state-of-the-art in data organization, storage, and analysis.

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  • Patient care

    Specimen Gate PatientCare

    PatientCare software allows users to define follow up procedure templates for each disorder in the test panel. Each template is made up of individual tasks which, when executed properly, will lead to a diagnosis or case resolution. Workflows follow a linear path.

  • Specimen Gate® Laboratory Enterprise Edition

    Specimen Gate® Laboratory Enterprise Edition allows two-way communication with PerkinElmer punching devices and instruments, and interfaces to third-party instruments too. It models the processes involved in punching; allows electronic gathering of test results from all instruments; flags analytes and disorders based on site-specific logic.
  • Specimen Gate® Screening Center™

    Specimen Gate® Screening Center™ focuses on the overall management of newborn screening programs. It allows smooth handling of patient demographics and patient reports; offers the ability to enter and track patient and contact information; supports creating and maintaining of business rules to govern the content of patient reports as well as how, and when the patient reports are to be created.