Newborn Screening

For many of today’s newborn babies screening for disorders is a standard procedure. Yet it’s a process that has the power to vastly improve health outcomes in later life. At Perkin Elmer, we're here to help you make sure the process of screening in your laboratory runs smoothly and precisely. We have newborn screening solutions covering all stages of newborn screening from sampling to equipment, from testing reagents to software, no matter the size of sophistication of your lab.

Newborn Screening Spotlight

Perkinelmer’s New Assay Measures Muscle Specific Creatine Kinase in Dried Blood Spots, Helping to Detect Newborns Affected by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
Screening newborns for Sickle Cell Disease can help identify babies so that they can be given proper care. PerkinElmer is helping fight SCD through provision of ...
Emerging economies have shown success in addressing child health issues such as infections, malnutrition, and diarrhea. However, to further improve infant and c ...

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PerkinElmer has newborn screening solutions from sample collection to instruments to management software. Click here to find out more.

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Our solutions can help identify a variety of conditions to help give babies a healthy start in life.

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