Microplates for Storage


In the day-today hustle of today's lab it's easy to overlook the importance of proper compound storage. After all, you want to ensure your samples and compounds will be protected until you are ready to use them, and for that not just any microplate will do. Storage plates need to be resistant to the types of solvents that may be used to preserve chemical libraries.

PerkinElmer storage plates are made of polypropylene which is both resistant to the solvents used in compound storage and suitable for use at temperatures down to -80 °C. All StorPlates are supplied DNAse, RNAse and pyrogen free and support certification is available on request.

These plates are offered with a variety of options, including U-bottom and V-bottom wells, and to deep-well plates for higher volumes.


Custom Microplate Services

We know that off-the-shelf isn't the right option for every applications. That's why offer a range of custom microplate services. Contact us to learn more about these services.
  • Bulk ordering and special packaging
  • Fast and flexible plate barcoding
  • Biological plate coating
  • Customer sterilization
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How Can We Help

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