Microplates for Next Generation Sequencing


Next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies are enabling science at unprecedented rates. As the cost of sequencing declines, throughput continues to increase and the number of applications for which sequencing data can be used is expanding.

To support the growing numbers of samples and applications, PerkinElmer has assembled a portfolio of high quality NGS microplates, as well as other consumables, needed to run sample preparation workflows for standard reagent platforms. These consumables have been engineered specifically for NGS applications and are made with the highest quality plastics available.

PerkinElmer's NGS microplate consumables complement our total solution for Next Generation Sequencing which includes our Sciclone® G3 NGSx and JANUS G3 NGS Express workstations as well as our Zephyr® G3 liquid handling platform.


Custom Microplate Services

We know that off-the-shelf isn't the right option for every applications. That's why offer a range of custom microplate services. Contact us to learn more about these services.
  • Bulk ordering and special packaging
  • Fast and flexible plate barcoding
  • Biological plate coating
  • Customer sterilization
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How Can We Help

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