Microplates for Cell Imaging


Out of focus images and inaccurate data collection are common issues caused by microplates that have not been specifically designed for the unique challenges of cell imaging and high-content screening. This can result in missed data points, sample re-screening, missed project timelines, and ultimately higher costs.

Drawing on many years of experience, PerkinElmer’s expert team has developed PhenoPlate microplates (formerly known as CellCarrier Ultra microplates) as a key part of our complete solution for high-content applications. These microplates have been engineered to deliver superior images and the highest quality data for high-content applications.

  • Optimal clarity and fast autofocusing from excellent flatness of the plate bottom
  • Superior image quality from high optical quality of cyclic olefin imaging surface
  • Better well access when using water immersion and high NA objectives with ultra-low plate bottom
  • Reduced evaporation from new design, low-profile polystyrene lid
  • Less risk of damaging the imaging surface when stacking with unique corner spacers
  • Available with different coatings to suit your application

From Sep 15, 2021, CellCarrier Ultra plates have been renamed PhenoPlates. For more information click here.

We also offer ViewPlate microplates engineered for bottom reading systems and high content imaging, which can be used for a range of cell-based assay applications including imaging, fluorescence, luminescence and absorbance as well as cell culture if tissue-culture treated.

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Product Brand Name
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  • CellCarrier (1)
  • PhenoPlate (1)
  • PhenoPlate (formerly CellCarrier Ultra) (9)
  • ViewPlate (1)
  • Black (1)
  • Black with optically-clear film bottom (6)
  • Black/Clear Bottom (4)
  • White (1)
Coating Treatment
  • PDL (1)
  • Poly-D lysine (2)
  • Rat tail type I collagen (2)
  • Sterile (2)
  • TC-treated (4)
  • ULA (2)
  • Cyclic Olefin (8)
  • Glass Bottom (1)
  • Polystyrene (2)
Detection Method
  • Confocal Imaging (11)
  • Fluorescence (7)
  • High Content Imaging (11)
Automation Compatible
  • Yes (10)
  • Microplates (10)
Number of Wells
  • 1536 (1)
  • 384 (5)
  • 96 (5)
  • Aseptic (5)
  • Yes (5)
  • Flat-bottom (2)

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