Microplates for Cell Culture


In research and drug discovery today, there is increasing demand for more physiologically relevant assays. As the need for more physiologically relevant assays has increases, as has the need for multi-well microplates designed to support the growth, attachment, and differentiation of cells, whether for ongoing culture or temporarily before cell based assay. Growing and assaying cells on a single plate eliminates the need for a detachment step and therefore deems the assay more physiologically relevant.

PerkinElmers's CellCarrier Ultra and CulturPlates are specifically designed to promote cell attachment and growth. These microplates are appropriate for now only cell culture, but also imaging (CellCarrier Ultra) as well as fluorescence and luminescence assays (CulturPlate).

Additionally, PerkinElmer offers a variety of coatings that can be applied to a multitude of our plates to promote cell growth.

  • Tissue-culture (TC) treatment allows for cell attachment and binding to the bottom surface of the microplate and is used for assays that use adherent cell lines.
  • Poly-D-Lysine (PDL) treatment enhances cell attachment and binding and is used when working with cells that are difficult to attach and when wash steps are needed.
  • Collagen (COL) treatment enhances cell attachment and proliferation and is used with working with keratinocytes and hepatocytes, specifically.
  • Ultra-low attachment (ULA) treatment allows for further reduction of non-specific binding and is used in cell colony high content screening assays, 3D cultures and other imaging applications.


Custom Microplate Services

We know that off-the-shelf isn't the right option for every applications. That's why offer a range of custom microplate services. Contact us to learn more about these services.
  • Bulk ordering and special packaging
  • Fast and flexible plate barcoding
  • Biological plate coating
  • Customer sterilization
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How Can We Help

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