Membrane Preparations


PerkinElmer's Membrane Target Systems offer a selection of targets for your ligand receptor binding assays. These GPCR membranes are quality assured frozen membranes from cells that express recombinant or endogenous receptors. Each batch of receptor is submitted to stringent quality control testing to determine receptor density and affinity.

PerkinElmer's Membrane Target Systems are pharmacologically characterized GPCR membrane preparations and carefully prepared and ready for all your GPCR binding assay needs.

Radiolabeled ligands
Radiolabeled ligands

Radiolabeled Ligands

Eliminate the need for antibodies and reduce assay time with direct detection using our radiolabeled ligands, which provide for sensitive and quantitative measurement of binding.
Cisbio GPCR universe
Cisbio GPCR universe

Cisbio GPCR Universe

Discover this webpage, covering GPCR knowledge from educational content to reagent kits, ensuring a reliable answer for your research needs.
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