Medical Review

Monitoring and reviewing clinical data in its many forms is a huge responsibility and challenge. Missing safety signals in clinical Big Data is the greatest concern for everyone as data grows exponentially. With patient safety as the primary directive and concern for the entire clinical team, processes and technologies that can mitigate safety issues, in stream, all the time, are the gold standard. See our solutions below.

Signals Medical Review

Empower medical monitors to detect safety signals faster and reduce overall time to submission by combining innovative medical review workflow with advanced analytics.

  • Single, unified data analytics solution – from source to visualization to action
  • Curated analytics experience with configurable alerts on cohorts of interest
  • 360 degree visibility across CDISC domains with built-in patient profiles
  • Medical Review status reporting and tracking
  • Secure, regulatory compliant cloud solution
  • Visualization and analytics powered by industry-leading TIBCO Spotfire

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Clinical Data Review

Our Clinical Data Review solution built on TIBCO Spotfire, automatically combines data to allow clinical development team members to interactively explore information and discover new relationships. With the ability to quickly visualize and analyze data, team members can optimize the clinical trial process and focus their efforts on obtaining the insights and answers they need to bring drugs and devices to market faster.

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