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PerkinElmer offers complete solutions to monitor both maternal and fetal health during pregnancy. We have dedicated software for risk calculation both for prenatal and pre-eclampsia screening. Our software has the ability to calculate risks by seamlessly integrating with PerkinElmer AutoDELFIA® and DELFIA® Xpress instruments.

We offer software to monitor both maternal and fetal health during pregnancy.

LifeCycle™ is the comprehensive informatics and risk calculation package for prenatal screening. It provides laboratory teams the support needed in managing an effective, high quality risk assessment program. Because the system has been thoroughly tested and all calculation methods, algorithms and values are supported by current published literature, LifeCycle will give you full confidence in your risk assessment program.

PerkinElmer’s Pre-eclampsia Predictor™ is the software package dedicated to screening for early and late onset pre-eclampsia in the first trimester of pregnancy. The application employs the same risk engine as that utilized by Prof. Howard Cuckle’s Screen Info web-based risk calculation service, providing laboratories with assurance that risk results will be consistent based on current information available. Pre-eclampsia Predictor provides laboratories with the ability to calculate risks in batches utilizing results from all PerkinElmer platforms; DELFIA® Xpress® AutoDELFIA®, and modular DELFIA®.

PerkinElmer aneuploidy and pre-eclampsia screening products are not available in the USA. Products may not be available in all countries. For information on availability, please contact your local representative.

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