Maternal & Fetal Health Reagents

PerkinElmer’s prenatal screening assays are clinically validated and ideal for all modern prenatal screening strategies. They were developed to enable the detection of common clinically relevant pregnancy associated conditions such as Down syndrome and preeclampsia, and to provide effective prenatal risk assessment for millions of pregnant women globally every year.

Products may not be licensed in accordance with the laws in all countries, such as the United States and Canada. Please check with your local representative for availability.

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Pre-Eclampsia Screening and Prenatal Immunoassays

PerkinElmer offers a comprehensive range of prenatal and pre-eclampsia assa ...

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Noninvasive Prenatal Testing

Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) consists of analyzing cell-free DNA (cf ...

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Maternal Fetal Health Solutions Brochure

Using the right markers and PerkinElmer’s prenatal assays, combined with on ...

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PlGF 1-2-3™ Brochure

PerkinElmer’s PlGF 1-2-3 assay is the most sensitive first trimester screen ...

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Vanadis NIPT system Brochure

With our highly precise, high-throughput Vanadis® NIPT solution, we’re taki ...

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