MacroSep BIO-Gold C4 LC Columns

Significant improvements in acidic and alkaline resistance have been achieved with MacroSep® BIO-Gold. MacroSep BIO-Gold C4 is the least hydrophobic of all the alkyl MacroSep BIO phases (C18 & C8) and can be used with highly aqueous mobile phases. These columns are designed for bio–pharmaceutical and bio-chemical applications. They are ideal for the separation of high molecular weight peptides, may be used to reduce analysis times, and provide enhanced stability under high aqueous mobile phase conditions. For your convenience all these materials are available in either 400 Å or 1200 Å pore diameters.

Features and Benefits:

  • Wide pore surface for the analysis of proteins and peptides
  • Ultra-high purity metal free silica for improved peak shape, especially for basic compounds
  • State-of-the-art base deactivation to ensure superior recoveries of proteins and peptides

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