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Whatever your application or matrices, our liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry systems deliver the speed, sensitivity, exact mass information, wide dynamic range, and mass accuracy you need for having complete confidence in your results. Our LC/MS solutions are designed to provide rapid and accurate mass identification and quantification across a broad range of samples for food and beverage, cannabis, industrial, environmental, and personal care products.

QSight® Triple Quad LC/MS/MS is an exceptional solution for demanding, complex analyses such as testing pesticide residues and mycotoxins in food and cannabis. Combined with our QSight LX50 UHPLC, this system delivers all the sensitivity and specificity you need to meet industry standards and regulations.

If your lab needs to analyze a high volume of diverse samples types with matrix complexity – and you have limited resources and skilled personnel, then the QSight Triple Quad is ideal. It’s easy to learn and use, with Simplicity 3Q software that streamlines everything from method development to results processing and reporting.

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