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Liquid Chromatography in Food Testing

Liquid Chromatography (LC) in Food Testing

High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is a very sensitive analytical technique increasingly used to separate and detect additives, ingredients, nutritional components, and contaminants in food.

Whether you need high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) or ultra-high performance chromatography (UHPLC), we offer the right technology for testing your food samples, efficiently and accurately. Our robust Flexar HPLC and UHPLC systems perform reliably, are easy to operate, and ideal for routine analysis or even your most demanding applications.


  • Ultimate flexibility for users facing a continuously evolving lab environment thanks to five detectors available (PDA, UV/Vis, multi-wavelength UV/Vis, FL and RI) and the ability to update a UV/Vis detector to a full featured PDA as needed;
  • Streamlined installation, easy to use and simplified workflows for increased throughput and lab productivity;
  • Efficient and powerful instrument control with SimplicityChrom CDS, providing extensive diagnostics for an efficient preventive maintenance

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  • The perfect solution for demanding applications when you need to compress analysis time and high demand of sensitivity is required in a high throughput workflow for food safety and food quality.;
  • Combines high speed autosampler with Intermediate Loop Decompression(ILD) valve patented technology to increase column lifetime with 18k psi double binary pump for accurate and precise solvent delivery;
  • Large portfolio of analytical column chemistries to manage most complex separations;
  • Choice of fast acquisition rate detectors allows developing solutions for the most demanding applications in food industry.

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NexSAR Speciation Analysis Ready HPLC System

The NexSAR HPLC, is a next-generation Speciation Analysis Ready system engineered with a completely inert and metal-free fluid path, enabling laboratories to meet low chromatographic background requirements on the most challenging speciation applications. Plus, it is fully customizable, with the flexibility to select only the parts that you need for your application(s).

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With the powerful, easy-to-use Chromera® control and data handling software, you get increased range of configurations and the ability to fit your laboratory’s application needs. The fully scalable TotalCHrom platform delivers full 21 CFR compliance as well as support for PerkinElmer’s family of LC and GC products.

SimplicityChrom CDS

SimplicityChrom has been designed with an intuitive interface for ease of use to support efficiency in the analytical laboratory workflow. It has all the tools to achieve the confidence to manage large sets of data in QA/ QC in regulated environments and contract laboratories.

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