Lead Discovery

PerkinElmer Lead Discovery applications enable R&D Scientists to discover actionable insights by seamlessly integrating chemical and biological molecules with activity results.

Signals Lead Discovery

PerkinElmer Signals Lead Discovery provides a faster way to help chemists and biologists gain insights into chemical structure and biologics sequence activity relationships through a guided search and analysis workflow that queries and represents the data in intuitive and intelligent ways.

  • Get faster access to the data you need when you need it
  • Gain and share insights into what trends, patterns and outliers are hidden in the data
  • More accurate and innovative prediction of what molecules to make next

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Lead Discovery Premium

Powerful desktop chemical and biologics SAR analysis application built on TIBCO Spotfire®.

  • Advance SAR visualization and analytics
  • Highly interactive sequence visualization tool
  • Transform data into insight with analytics

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Lead Discovery

Provides an easy-to-use, highly visual and interactive environment for exploring chemical structures and any associated data such as biological assay results.

  • Access and display a wide range of multivariate chemistry data including chemical structures
  • Load multiple linked chemical and biological data tables in a single TIBCO Spotfire® analysis file
  • Highly interactive visualization and filtering facilitates the rapid isolation of compounds based on key criteria for further analysis

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