Kinase Assay


The easylite-Kinase luminescence assay system monitors the amount of ATP remaining after completion of a kinase reaction. The assay is based on firefly, Phontinus pyralis, luciferase for evaluating kinase activity. The reaction consists of adding a single reagent stopping the kinase reaction followed by measuring the luminescence signal. The brighter the signal, the more ATP remaining after the reaction. By monitoring kinase activity in this manner, a kinase inhibitor will lead to an increase, rather than a decrease, in the signal generated. Measuring the amount of ATP present results in a sensitive assay platform.

The advantages of easylite-Kinase are:

  • Detection of any ATP dependent kinase activity
  • Homogeneous assay format
  • Stable one-step reagent for fast results
  • Versatile for small scale or high-throughput environments

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