Integrated Laboratory Automation Solutions for Cellular Applications

PerkinElmer’s lab automation experts have extensive experience developing integrated workstations automating cell-based assays. Within-house solutions offering unbiased imaging of multiple cellular samples for high content analysis and screening, we have the scientific background to provide solutions that address the full breadth of your scientific requirements.

Examples of explorer G3 integrated workstations designed to automate cell-based assays are below.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Stem Cell Cultivation and Phenotypic Screening

The explorer G3 integrated stem cell cultivation workstation consists of two independent workstations; one for stem cell cultivation and one for the screening of phenotypic assays.

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Cell Line Screening and Cherry Picking

This integrated robotic system consists of two integrated workstations; one for screening and one subsequent picking of antibody-producing hybridoma cells.

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Cell Culture and Viral Amplification Workstation

This automated robotic system is a dedicated workstation for cell culture, cell viability control and viral protein amplification.

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Gene Expression Analysis and High Content Screening (HCS)

Today’s academic researcher requires a flexible screening platform to support multiple microplate formats, liquid volume transfer and different read-out methods. For novel systems biology, cancer research and pathway analysis, a platform that supports multiple detection methods and complete automation enables researchers to generate better data results and make more confident decisions.

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Secondary High Content Screening Workstation

This automated robotic system is a fully automated high-throughput cellular screening platform which supports both high content and conventional multimode readouts.

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