In Vivo Preclinical Imaging Solutions

Tracking, monitoring, and visualizing biological processes and disease progression is key to not only helping you better understand biology, but also crucial in evaluating the effectiveness of your potential drug candidates earlier in the development process.

In vivo imaging has a profound role in advancing researchers understanding of molecular and physiological research across a broad range of disease models as well as accelerating preclinical development of therapeutics in a non-invasive manner and in real-time.

Let us help you achieve your research and discovery goals with our best-in-class small animal imaging solutions. From basic research models to clinically translatable applications, our in vivo imaging community publishes on a daily basis with thousands of papers published in peer reviewed journals, covering major disease areas including cancer, infectious disease, cardiopulmonary, metabolic disease and more.

Whatever answer you’re seeking, in vivo preclinical imaging is the most direct path in helping you gain deeper insight into your basic research and drug discovery & development projects.

Explore our in vivo imaging solutions.

Image Gallery

The beauty of In Vivo imaging

Click on the link below to view our image gallery using our imaging platforms and reagents.

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The more you see – the more you know

Your cutting edge research commands high-sensitivity and reliable imaging data. As a leader in optical imaging we have the tools you need, from 2D optical, to 3D tomography and integrated optical imaging systems, to optical reagents to help you reach your research goals.

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Biology doesn’t happen in 2D and your research shouldn’t either

Obtain more insight into your animal studies, non-invasively, and at high-resolution with 3D micro-computed tomography (microCT) imaging.

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See disease in all its dimensions

Generate more meaningful information from your animal study with multimodality imaging. By combining imaging modalities you gain more insight into functional and anatomical information to enhance your understanding of disease.

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More insightful research results

Our wide range of optical imaging reagents enables unmatched imaging of a broad-range of disease-related biomarkers and pathways for your research.

  • Fluorescent agents, dyes, labeling kits, and nanoparticles
  • Bioluminescent oncology cell lines and bacteria created using luciferase (luc2) vector for ultra-brite sensitivity
  • Bioluminescent substrates including D-Luciferin and RediJect Luciferin in ready-to-use injectable format

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Helping scientists achieve their research goals

Our experienced team of scientists and support specialists are here to help you. From application questions, to training, to troubleshooting advice, to helping you select the best imaging system for your research we have the resources you need to get the most out of your in vivo imaging studies.

Offering worldwide support, our dedicated applications team with their in-depth scientific knowledge can help you achieve your research goals. By offering unmatched support, our application scientists are your main contact for any questions you may have from development of imaging protocols to training and education ensuring you get the answers and guidance you need.

Get the most from your in vivo imaging instrument by learning from the experts. We offer basic and advanced training at your facility as well as classroom training through In Vivo University to broaden your knowledge, share with fellow researchers, and learn from field application scientists.

Our global Service Engineers are available to help you with installation, preventative maintenance, technical guidance and any repair services to ensure that your imaging systems operate as optimally as possible to meet your in vivo imaging research goals.

Disease Research

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CNS Research

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