In Vivo Imaging Reagents

Our comprehensive range of IVISbrite™ bioluminescent and IVISense™ fluorescent imaging reagents provides researchers with the necessary tools to better understand early disease-related biological changes, track disease progression, help guide the drug discovery process, and evaluate efficacy and safety of drug candidates.


All of our optical imaging reagents, probes, labels, and dyes have been optimized and validated in a broad range of imaging applications using our industry-leading IVIS® imaging platform.



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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Fluorescent Probes

Gain a better understanding of biological targets, processes, and protease activity in the context of the living system with our broad portfolio of targeted, ac ...

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Fluorescent Labels & Dyes

Developing novel fluorescent probes to visualize and quantify biomolecular processes and pathways within the context of a living animal requires using fluoresce ...

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Fluorescent Imaging Panels

Target your in vivo imaging research with our IVISense™ Fluorescent Imaging Panels. Choosing the fluorescent probes you need for your in vivo imaging research h ...

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Fluorescent Nanoparticles

The use of fluorescent nanoparticles has demonstrated much potential in research due to their superior brightness and longer photostability when compared to tra ...

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Bioluminescent Substrates and Lentiviral Particles

Get the ultimate in sensitivity and reproducibility from your in vivo imaging studies with our IVISbrite™ bioluminescent and chemiluminescent substrates and len ...

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Bioluminescent Tumor Cell Lines

Track cancer growth and metastases or gain a better understanding of cancer biology using IVISbrite™ (formerly Bioware Brite) bioluminescent tumor cell lines. O ...

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Bioluminescent Bacterial Strains

Infectious disease is a perennially important area for research and drug discovery. Over the last few decades, with the misuse and overuse of antibiotics, antib ...

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Radioimaging & Radiotherapeutics

We provide radionuclides that can be used in all modalities of radioactive imaging including PET, SPECT, and Cerenkov Light Imaging (CLI). Molecular imaging wit ...

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Featured Products

IVISense 680 NHS Fluorescent Labeling Kit (VivoTag)

Label antibodies, small molecules, proteins, or peptides with IVISense NIR fluorescent dyes. PerkinElmer’s IVISense™ fluorescent dyes (VivoTag®) for labeling an ...

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IVISense Inflammation Fluorescent Imaging Panel

Enhance your research with fluorescent probes targeting inflammation biology. Our IVISense™ Inflammation fluorescent imaging panel enables in vivo visualization ...

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IVISbrite D-Luciferin Potassium Salt Bioluminescent Substrate (1g) (XenoLight)

Luciferin is essential in performing your bioluminescent assays, and the quality of your research depends on the quality of your luciferin. Whether used to perf ...

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