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PerkinElmer offers a comprehensive portfolio of in vivo imaging accessories to help streamline and/or expand the functionality of your IVIS® optical, Quantum microCT, or G8 PET imaging systems by providing solutions that deliver reliable performance, productivity and value.

From anesthesia systems to imaging shuttles and manifolds to high-throughput staging kits to workbenches, we have the accessories you need to suit your research or drug discovery projects.

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  • Magnetic quick connect base for use with the SRM-5 small rodent manifold and SMT-5 Smart Mouse Tray

    Magnetic Quick Connect

    Magnetic Quick Connect allows for easy connection of multiple accessories to the RAS-4 rodent gas anesthesia system.
    List Price : 4649.00 USD
  • High Throughput Imaging Kit

    High Throughput Imaging Kit

    For use with the IVIS® Lumina S5 and X5 in vivo imaging systems, the High Throughput Imaging Kit contains all of the needed accessories to allow researchers to increase throughput and streamline imaging workflows.
    List Price : 20100.00 USD
  • Benchtop Posing Station for Mouse Imaging

    Benchtop Posing Station

    Benchtop Posing Station for easy and convenient delivery of anesthesia from the RAS-4 Rodent Anesthesia System to your animals on the benchtop.
    List Price : 10300.00 USD
  • SRM-5 Small Rodent Manifold for IVIS Imaging Systems

    SRM-5 Small Rodent Manifold

    Small Rodent Manifold 5 (SRM-5) for use with mice and rats.
    List Price : 3976.00 USD
  • SMT-5 Smart Mouse Tray

    SMT-5 Smart Mouse Tray (IVIS Lumina S5 & IVIS Lumina X5)

    SMT-5 Smart Mouse Imaging Tray for use with the IVIS® Lumina S5 and IVIS Lumina X5 in vivo imaging systems, allows benchtop posing of 5 animals when used in conjunction with the Benchtop Posing Station (sold separately). Bed is easily transferable from the benchtop to the IVIS imaging system with quick connect anesthesia functionality. A robust new manifold design requires no nose cones and offers superior scavenging for reduced anesthesia gas exposure. Incorporated fiducials facilitate auto subject recognition by the Living Image® Software. Includes mouse and rat dividers for signal isolation of optical probes. Provides the ultimate in flexibility and convenience to streamline your imaging workflow.
    List Price : 6600.00 USD
  • MVI-2 Multi-View Imager for IVIS Lumina Imaging Systems

    MVI-2 Multi-View Imager Kit

    MVI-2 multi-view imager for 360 degree surface mapping of two mice.
    List Price : 19500.00 USD
  • RAS-4 Rodent Anesthesia System & Isolation Chamber

    RAS-4 Rodent Anesthesia System

    The RAS-4 Rodent Anesthesia System allows researchers to use real-time in vivo imaging to monitor and record molecular and genetic activity in mice and rats using isoflurane gas.
  • XRS-10 Rubber Stoppers for Anesthesia Manifold

    These rubber stoppers are for use with the XGI-8 Anesthesia System manifolds and transparent nose cones.
    List Price : 150.00 USD
  • XRC-4 Rat nose cones (standard)

    These transparent plastic cones are intended for use with the XGI-8 Anesthesia System and the 2-port rat anesthesia system manifold.
    List Price : 702.00 USD
  • XNC-LP Rat nose cones (for IVIS 200 LP manifold)

    These transparent plastic nose cones are low luminescent and low fluorescent. They are for use with the XGI-8 Anesthesia System and 2-port rat anesthesia system manifold.
    List Price : 689.00 USD
  • XNC?-2 Mouse Nose Cones

    XNC-2 Mouse Nose Cones, set of 10

    These transparent glass nose cones are low luminescent and low fluorescent. They are for use with the XGI-8 Anesthesia System and 5-port anesthesia system manifold.
    List Price : 668.00 USD
  • XMD-2 Manifold Divider

    These manifold dividers are used to minimize interference between light signals of different subjects when imaging multiple subjects simultaneously.
    List Price : 208.00 USD
  • XFM-1 Low Fluorescence Mat

    This mat is a low fluorescent, low luminescent sanitary placemat for use with the XGI-8 Gas Anesthesia System.
    List Price : 430.00 USD
  • XAF-8 Anesthesia System Filters

    XAF-8 Anesthesia System Filters

    These isoflurane-absorbing charcoal filters are made for use with XGI-8 Anesthesia System.
    List Price : 345.00 USD
  • Fluorescence phantom mouse for use with IVIS optical imaging systems

    XFM-2X Fluorescent Phantom Mouse (X-Ray)

    The XFM-2X Phantom Mouse is used for training and/or practice using IVIS optical imaging systems in fluorescence and/or x-ray mode. The outer material is made to mimic tissue properties so the user sees light scatter similar to what is seen in a live subject. The color of the surface of the phantom emulates the behavior of tissue background fluorescence (autofluorescence). The XFM-2 comes with various plastic rods containing different fluorescent dyes to simulate fluorescence imaging.
    List Price : 4954.00 USD
  • XPP-1 Plate Positioner

    The plate positioner provides stable, repeatable positioning for microtiter well plates. Autoclave safe.
    List Price : 2224.00 USD
  • XFOV-24 lens for Lumina II (any Lumina built after 2008)

    Upgradable expansion lens to 24 x 24 cm field of view for the IVIS Lumina II.
    List Price : 4350.00 USD
  • XAS-3 Animal Shield Kit, set of 3

    This animal shield kit is used to cover and block highly luminescent areas to enable imaging of nearby low-level luminescence.
    List Price : 1442.00 USD
  • XAM-5 Anesthesia Manifold (Mouse)

    This manifold anesthetizes up to 5 adult mice or 2 rats simultaneously and is used for use with the XGI-8 Gas Anesthesia System.
    List Price : 2815.00 USD
  • XAM-2 Anesthesia Manifold (Rat)

    This non-glow manifold integrates gas delivery and scavenging ports into a single 2-port unit for use with rats.
    List Price : 2835.00 USD
  • Rabbit bed for Quantum microCT imaging system

    Rabbit bed for Quantum microCT

    This accessory allows the analysis of rabbit species in the Quantum line of microCT instruments.

    List Price : 6500.00 USD
  • Syringe Injection System (IVIS Lumina Series III systems and Spectrum CT)

    This syringe injection system enables users to image while simultaneously inject compounds into mice. The system is used for use with Lumina Systems or SpectrumCT systems.
    List Price : 12600.00 USD
  • Phantom Mouse

    XPM-2 Bioluminescent Phantom Mouse

    The XPM-2 Phantom Mouse is used for training and/or practice using IVIS optical imaging systems in bioluminescence mode. Made of outer materials to mimic tissue, the XPM has LED lights inside the phantom at various locations to mimic bioluminescence signals.
    List Price : 5300.00 USD
  • XIC-3 Animal Isolation Chamber Kit

    This chamber provides biological isolation of anesthetized mice or small rats before they are imaged in an in vivo imaging system.
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