In Vitro Assays

To better understand the interactions of the innate and adaptive immune response within the body, plate-based models are widely used for screening biologics, validating signalling events and determining the mechanism of action of the therapeutic.

Comprehending the interactions between innate and adaptive immunity play a critical role in the research, discovery and the development of immunotherapies.

We offer a range assays for characterizing the cytokine response, measuring signalling events and understanding the antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) of the biologic using highly sensitive 51Cr as well TRF based ELISAs and next gen-no-wash immunoassays.

Drug Discovery Screening Reagents

Your job is to move from target to hit to candidate quickly and efficiently – with as little wasted resources as possible. Our drug discovery screening reagents do just that.

Whether you are doing high throughput screening or focused screening, we offer a wide range of validated reagents and kits in Alpha chemiluminescent, LANCE® TR-FRET, DELFIA® TRF, and other assay technologies to suit you screening assay needs.

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Cell Signalling

We enable a deeper understanding and more biologically relevant results with complete cell-based and biochemical cell signaling assays featuring innovative reagent technologies like: AlphaLISA® SureFire® Ultra, AlphaLISA SureFire Ultra Multiplex, AlphaScreen® SureFire, LANCE® Ultra TRF, and DELFIA® TRF assays – not to mention our reporter gene assays and complete line of industry leading radiochemicals.

With our highly reliable, high-performance multimode plate readers, including the EnVision® and EnSight systems, and automated microscope image capture analysis we provide access to a wide range of detection technologies for everything you need to bring about the next big breakthrough in cell signaling analysis.

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Our ATP luminescence assays provide a more sensitive alternative to colorimetric, fluorometric, and radioisotopic based assays for monitoring cell viability and proliferation. These innovative, patented technologies are based on the production of light caused by the reaction of ATP with added luciferase and D-luciferin.

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Microplate Readers

Configurable Multimode Plate Readers to Future Proof Your Lab

Our multimode microplate readers offer all major detections such as Absorbance, Alpha, Luminescence, Fluorescence Intensity, Fluorescence Polarization, and Time-Resolved Fluorescence, all in one instrument. In addition to the detection technologies, our EnSight multimode plate reader also offers fast well-imaging so you can perform target-based and phenotypic screening to gain valuable insights from different perspectives.

PerkinElmer’s portfolio of plate readers is equipped with the latest detection technologies to meet the diverse assay requirements of labs today. With over 30 years of experience in instrument development, you can expect performance and reliability from any of our microplate readers.

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Radiometric Detection

For over 65 years, PerkinElmer has been a leading provider and partner for radiometric detection solutions ranging from instruments and radiochemicals, to liquid scintillation cocktails, vials, and microplates, not to mention the expertise to enable scientists. Today is no different.

The quality you have relied on for decades now offers enhanced features to further streamline your workflows and empower your detection limits of your assays to enable you to be more competitive as well. Your one-stop-shop for all your radiometric detection needs.

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Chrom 51 Assay

Chromium-51 (51Cr) release assays are commonly used for the precise and accurate quantification of cytotoxicity, particularly in the study of the tumor and viral cytolysis. The assay is used to determine the number of lymphocytes produced in response to infection or drug treatment.

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