Immune Function

The immune system is complex, consisting of a great diversity of cell types that contribute to innate and adapt response mechanisms. This multi-dimensional response means that there are many ways in which a person might react or resist treatment.

Understanding the immune response profile with greater resolution improves the therapeutic efficacy and predictability of disease treatment.

PerkinElmer offers platforms to support multi-dimensional measurement of both the innate and adaptive immune response with a range of assay platforms to evaluate cytotoxicity, cytokine release, and cell signaling, as well as imaging systems to explore the cellular and in vivo responses in real-time.

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In Vitro Assays

To better understand the interactions of the innate and adaptive immune response within the body, plate-based models are widely used for screening biologics, va ...

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Live-Cell Imaging

Live-cell imaging is the study of living cells using images acquired by time-lapse microscopy. It is becoming a requisite technique in many fields of life scien ...

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Cell Signaling Analysis

From receptor ligand binding to intracellular pathway analysis of phosphorylated proteins, breakthrough discoveries in cell signaling a cell signal transduction ...

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In Vivo Preclinical Imaging Solutions

Tracking, monitoring, and visualizing biological processes and disease progression is key to not only helping you better understand biology but also crucial in ...

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Liquid Handlers

PerkinElmer has been providing liquid handling solutions for over 40 years. A pioneer and innovator in this industry, we offer a comprehensive lineup of robotic ...

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Microplate Readers

As many of you know, microplate readers are instruments used to detect biological, chemical, biochemical or physical events from samples in a microplate. This i ...

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