Image Analysis Software

Extract meaningful data that leads to new insights and enables faster and more confident decision making. Our powerful image analysis software makes it easy for you to generate and analyze image data from cellular samples and in vivo models so you confidently move your research forward.

  • High Content Screening: Turn your cellular data into knowledge with our high content analysis software - analyze complex cellular models, reliably discriminate phenotypes, and efficiently manage the large quantities of data your lab generates from high content screening
  • In vivo Imaging: Analyze your complex in vivo data with ease – from 2D or 3D optical imaging to advanced microCT bone analysis to seamlessly co-registering data from multiple modalities for functional and anatomical information, our software enables you to get the answers you need.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Imaging Software

In Vivo Imaging Software

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Cellular Imaging Software

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