LED Illumination

LEDs provide bright and stable excitation light at well-defined spectral bands with low power consumption and feature long life times.  At the core of the new Operetta CLS system is a compact 8x LED light source with direct injection that lets you choose the optimal wavelength for your fluorophore and delivers the power directly to your cellular samples. With the stable LED light source and optional temperature and CO2 control, you can run live cell assays reliably, assured in the knowledge that the changes seen in the sample are due to the biology, not the technology. Once your assay parameters are optimized, you know you can trust the results you’re seeing, time after time.

Laser Illumination

Solid state lasers are point sources for excitation and a prerequisite for using microlens enhanced spinning disk such as Synchrony Optics. They deliver stable high power excitation and offer long life times.

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