HyperSelect BDS C18 LC Columns

The HyperSelect line is an alternative to Thermo Fisher Hypersil. The Hyperselect BDS C18 is a base deactivated C18 material. Excellent efficiencies, peak shape and resolution are obtained for virtually all Hypersil HPLC applications from high quality HyperSelect HPLC columns. In addition to the BDS C18, HyperSelect is available as ODS C18, ODS2 C18, BDS-C8, endcapped C8, non-endcapped C8, endcapped phenyl, non- endcapped phenyl, silica, TMS, amino, non-endcapped cyano, endcapped cyano, SAX and SCX. Other brand alternatives are also available including HyperSelect Gold (Hypersil Gold alternative) and HyperSelect HiPurity (Hypersil HyPurity alternative).

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