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Heavy Metals Analysis

Heavy Metals Analysis

Heavy metals are naturally occurring compounds that may materialize in elemental, organic and inorganic form. Heavy metal bioaccumulation in the food chain can lead to chronic poisoning with consequent damage to human health.

However, within a certain concentration range, some of them, such as zinc, manganese and copper, may be intentionally added to baby food and dietary supplements because of their valuable properties.

Regulatory agencies worldwide established maximum levels of heavy metals by food type and give guidance to the industries and consumers.

At PerkinElmer, with our full range of spectroscopy techniques that cover all the concentrations, we can help you to provide your customers with all the necessary information on the element content of their products. Our proven AA, ICP and ICP-MS instrumentation are renowned for accurate heavy metals analysis detection allowing you to process a large amounts of samples while meeting regulated detection levels.

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