Fluorescence Spectrophotometry (FL)

Looking for high-performing, simple-to-operate instruments that help your lab achieve fast, accurate results? Our latest fluorescence spectrometers truly deliver.

Designed to maximize productivity, the FL 6500 and FL 8500 use interchangeable, plug-and-play accessories, intuitive software that mirrors your laboratory work flow, and support and services that validate your equipment and ensure standard compliance regulations are met.

Whether you’re looking for a pulsed lamp or a continuous source, we provide both solutions, allowing you to tackle application challenges that come your way.

Our fluorescence spectrophotometry technology reliably meets the challenges of bioscience, industrial, chemical, environmental, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and academic applications. These industry-leading fluorescence spectrophotometers cover any measurement mode or type of data analysis your application requires:

  • Fluorescence
  • Phosphorescence
  • Bioluminescence
  • Chemiluminescence
  • 3D excitation/emission, synchronous, and kinetic scanning
  • Excitation, emission, constant wavelength synchronous and constant energy synchronous spectral scanning
  • Single- and multiple-wavelength kinetics
  • Simple quantitation by curve fitting with several fit algorithms
  • Intracellular ion analysis
  • Polarization

Biotech & Life Sciences

For biotech and life science researchers, fluorescence spectroscopy is a fast, accurate method of analyzing samples. For your most sensitive samples, the FL 6500 fluorescence spectrometer provides adjustable peak power for greater dynamic range. The high-energy pulsed Xenon light source enables you to get the most accurate results without photobleaching your sample.

The beauty of the FL 6500 system is that it allows you to analyze even the smallest samples, such as proteins or enzymes, without destroying them. Using our microvolume cuvettes, the fluorescence is minimal and the results are precise.

Both FL 6500 and FL 8500 systems can be used to measure kinetic assays. In as little as a few minutes to a few hours, it can help in understanding complex biological processes. The intuitive software includes a kinetics module that contains calculations that help to understand the mechanics of enzyme inhibition and provide a number of different plot formats to facilitate analysis and data presentation.


For industrial analysis, such as dye, tracing, and printing manufacturing and R&D; agricultural and environmental analysis; and analysis of LEDs, solar cells, and organic electroluminescent materials, our two fluorescence spectrometers offer accurate results quickly.

The FL 6500 system provides a high-energy pulsed Xenon light source that prevents photobleaching and preserves the integrity of your sample. The FL 8500 system offers a continuous-wave excitation source that’s best for testing diluted or small samples.


International pharmaceutical standards are important to safeguarding drug quality and making medicine accessible to the public. Pharmaceutical laboratories have three chief concerns: remaining compliant, validating performance, and functioning properly from day to day. We’ve developed our FL 6500 and FL 8500 fluorescence spectrometers to work seamlessly with intuitive software that helps you meet standard guidelines and regulations.

Our Enhanced Security (ES) software helps labs maintain Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and adhere to stringent data integrity requirements, preventing you from incurring costly fines and downtime.

Advanced Materials

Advanced materials is not just about making newer, better products; it’s also about their effect on human health and the environment. Whether you’re determining how the pesticides used in spraying crops end up in our water sources, or simply verifying the identity of currency, fluorescence spectroscopy is at the center of your research. And, as a global leader in nanomaterial analysis, we offer an array of analytical instrumentation that provides clean, rapid analysis of even the most challenging organic, carbonaceous, and hybrid nanomaterials.

Research & Academia

From teaching labs to research experiments, academics everywhere are benefiting from fluorescence spectroscopy. Whether you’re determining the amount of quinine in tonic water or showcasing absolute quantum yield using our integrated sphere, the FL 6500 and FL 8500 are beneficial teaching tools in any academic lab.

We work closely with academic institutions around the world to help them reach their analysis goals, which can cross both sample types and markets.

The Complete Fluorescence Solution

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