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Whatever challenge you face in fluorescence, we can help you solve it. Supported by a full line of software, plug-n-play accessories, and consumables, our fluorescence spectroscopy instruments offer extraordinary application capability across a wide range of areas:

  • Agricultural
  • Cell biology
  • Clinical
  • Environmental
  • Enzymology
  • Immunology
  • Industrial
  • Inorganic
  • Life science
  • Medical
  • Molecular biology
  • Pharmaceutical

Fluorescence Consumables FL Lamps
Fluorescence Consumables FL Lamps

FL Lamps

Our Fluorescence Spectrometers use pulsed Xenon discharge lamps, which are not only very reliable and stable, but also provide remarkable sensitivity with a peak intensity exceeding 1 KW. To maintain optimum stability and sensitivity of your instrument, installation of a new lamp by a PerkinElmer service engineer is recommended. Additionally, Xenon lamp quartz envelopes are under pressure, requiring eye protection and extreme caution in handling.
Fluorescence Consumables Thermostatting Sampling
Fluorescence Consumables Thermostatting Sampling

Thermostatting/Sampling Accessories

Changes in temperature affect fluorescence intensity. A simple, inexpensive and accurate way to control sample temperature is to use a thermostattable cell holder through which water from an external water-bath can be circulated. For temperature ramping studies and experiments where more rapid heating and cooling is required, a single-cell Peltier-thermostatted accessory is available.

Fluorescence Cells

Standard rectangular macro cells are the most frequently-used type of spectroscopy cell for routine liquids analysis. Micro cells have the same outside dimension as the macro cells but the cell walls have been thickened, limiting the interior sample chamber width to 2 mm. This reduces the sample requirements by 80%. In addition to these cells, we also offer semi-micro cells, ultra-micro cells, and flow-through cells for fluorescence spectroscopy.
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  • 4 Positioni Cell Changer Water Jacketed with Stirrer

    4 Position Cell Changer Water-Jacketed with Stirrer

    The plug-n-play 4 position water jacketed multi-cell holder accommodate up 4 cuvettes/cells simultaneously and enables temperature control through a water bath (not included) to maintain samples at the desired temperature while stirring your solution.
  • Precision cell for Powder Sampler 1

    Precision Cell for Powder Sample

    The precision cell is designed with a quartz twist off cover which enables for easy loading of your powder or granular sample into the cell. Precision cell quickly snaps into the sample holder.
  • PerkinElmer

    Festoon Lamp for the LS Series, 12V 3W

    Sources for the PerkinElmer Luminescence Spectrometers are pulsed Xenon discharge lamps (7.3 W average power at 50 Hz). This reliable source produces very little ozone or heat but provides remarkable sensitivity due to its peak intensity exceeding 1 KW! On most LS Series instruments the detector electronics are controlled so that delay and gate time can be varied to measure phosphorescence between source pulses.
    List Price : 12.00 USD
  • Fast Filter Accessory

    Fast Filter Accessory

    The plug-n-play fast filter accessory enables analysis of rapid intracellular ion movements into and out of cells (signal transduction) using ratiometric fluorescent probes The fast filter accessory rapidly rotates a paired set of bandpass filters (not included) aligned to the fluorophore under investigation.
  • Peltier Powder Sampling Accessory

    Peltier Powder Sampling Accessory

    The plug-n-play Peltier powder sampling accessory enables temperature controlled fluorescence measurements of powders.
  • Single Cell Peltier with Stirrer

    Single Cell Peltier with Stirrer

    The plug-n-play single cell Peltier with stirrer enables optimal temperature control with stirring of samples. Used in thermal denaturation, kinetics and other applications where precise temperature control is necessary.
  • 4 Cell Changer Peltier

    4 Cell Changer Peltier

    The plug-n-play 4 position Peltier multi-cell holder accommodates up 4 cuvettes/cells simultaneously and enables optimal temperature control of samples. Used in thermal denaturation, kinetics, and other applications where precise temperature control is necessary.
  • Auto Sipper 1

    Auto Sipper (Including Front Plate & FL Flow Cell)

    This product consists of Automatic Peristaltic Pump, Pumping Cartridge, tubing, and Computer Interface Cable. Software controls liquid sampling automation. Flow of the sample is controllable by the software.
  • PerkinElmer

    Sealed Water Sample

    This 10 mm sealed cell contains high-purity water for checking instrument sensitivity. It provides a constant sample to reproducibly measure signal-to-noise using the Raman band of water.
    List Price : 690.00 USD
  • 4 Position Cell Changer

    4 Position Cell Changer

    The plug-n-play 4 position multi-cell holder accommodates up to 4 cuvettes/cells simultaneously and is controlled through the Spectrum FL software.
  • PerkinElmer

    Luminescence Sample Blocks (Set of 6)

    Sample blocks provide convenient day-to-day checks for wavelength calibration and reproducibility.
    List Price : 1381.00 USD
  • Microplate Reader Accessory 1

    Microplate Reader Accessory

    The plug-n-play microplate reader accessory enables measurement of sample in 96 or 384 well plate. The plate-reader accessory lets you switch from a fully functional fluorescence spectrometer to a well-plate reader in seconds. The completely automated system can read up to 384 well plates in either the X or Y direction.
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