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Electronic Laboratory Notebooks provide the central framework for both record keeping and collaboration within scientific research organizations. From industrial leaders to biotech to academic, from non-profit to governmental organizations, scientists strive to find the next great breakthrough and rely on tools such as ELNs to facilitate the interplay of ideas and the retention of information with colleagues and external partners alike. Specialist workflows, such as those supporting synthetic chemistry or assay or test execution, simplify the experience for the scientists and increase the consistency, quality and integrity of the data captured.

We provide two unique solutions to best fit an organization’s needs:

PerkinElmer Signals Notebook: An ELN in the Cloud

  • Intuitive, web-based application delivering the rapid setup, scalability and speed expected from modern cloud-based applications
  • Dedicated workflows for synthetic chemistry are supported by a new, web-based version of ChemDraw®, the world’s leading chemical structure sketcher
  • Scientists benefit from the easy inclusion of virtually any type of data, the ability to share and collaborate, and retrieve data at unprecedented speeds

E-Notebook Solutions: Robust, Highly Configurable ELNs

  • Facilitate collaboration with internal and external partners, enhance data quality and increase productivity of researchers across an entire organization and/or research network
  • Support a wide variety of disciplines across the Enterprise with dedicated workflows
  • Capture experimental procedures and results to define and protect intellectual property
  • Share insights organization-wide while providing the data control and security that IT departments demand

Our ELNs provide a vital capability within a complete Make, Test and Decide workflow, and common to virtually all-scientific disciplines. Our ELNs provide data for — and allow insights from — the related assay and test data, utilizing additional tools such as PerkinElmer Signals Lead Discovery, PerkinElmer Signals for Screening and TIBCO Spotfire® for advanced data analysis and visualization.

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"Electronic Lab Notebooks" 1-2 of 2 Products and Services

PerkinElmer Signals Notebook

PerkinElmer Signals Notebook

PerkinElmer Signals Notebook is a powerful new web based Electronic Lab Notebook, enabling users to instantly author and manage notebooks and experiments, facilitating Scientific Collaboration.
E-Notebook for Chemistry

E-Notebook for Chemistry

Enhance the productivity of all the chemists in your lab. Our E-Notebooks for Chemistry provide the state-of-the-art in ELN technology for data capture, archiving and intellectual property protection in chemistry.

"Electronic Lab Notebooks" 1-2 of 2 Products and Services