Drug Discovery Reagents

Drug discovery starts with an understanding of the basics of diseases and disease pathways. Throughout the process of unraveling the complexity of disease pathways, identifying and characterizing targets, high throughput screening, and lead optimization PerkinElmer has the assays you can count on.

PerkinElmer's drug discovery reagents cover a wide array of applications ranging from immunoassays platforms and kinase assays to reporter gene, cytotoxicity and cell proliferation assays. Our easy-to-use platforms provide greater sensitivity, wide dynamic range, and reduced background.

From basic science to high throughput screening and lead optimization, PerkinElmer drug discovery reagents provide easy-to-use next generation assays every step of the way.

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Alpha Technology

Alpha is a homogeneous, bead-based assay platform offering several advantages over traditional ELISAs. This versatile, easy-to-use platform is suitable for a wide range of applications.

AlphaLISA®, AlphaLISA SureFire® Ultra, Alpha Screen®, AlphaPlex®, and Alpha kits and standalone reagents can be used to detect:

  • Proteins and phosphoproteins
  • Protein: protein interactions – both high and low affinity
  • Receptor-ligand interactions
  • DNA interactions
  • Post-translational protein modifications

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TR-FRET Technology

TR-FRET combines the benefits of Time Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) with those of Forster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET). PerkinElmer offers two TR-FRET technologies - HTRF® (Homogeneous Time Resolved Technology) and LANCE® (Lanthanide Chelate Excite) Ultra TR-FRET.

HTRF and LANCE Ultra kits and standalone reagents can be used to detect:

  • Proteins and phosphoproteins
  • Protein: protein interactions
  • Receptor-ligand interactions
  • Second messenger levels

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TRF Technology

DELFIA® (Dissociation-Enhanced Lanthanide Fluorescence Immunoassay) is a washed based, time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) detection platform that utilizes fluorescent lanthanide chelates rather than other fluorophores. While superficially quite similar to an ELISA, DELFIA® comes with additional benefits. DELFIA® has a stable, time-resolved fluorescent signal which improves the assay dynamic range.

DELFIA® kits and standalone reagents can be used to detect:

  • Proteins and phosphoproteins
  • Protein: protein interactions
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Cell proliferation

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Luminescence Assays

Luminescence assays are used throughout the drug discovery workflow. Our assays are provided a simple, easy-to-use microplate format.

Our luminescence assays include:

  • Reporter gene assays
  • Cytotoxicity and cell proliferation assays
  • Kinase activity assays

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Receptor Cell Lines & Membranes

Receptor Cell Lines & Membranes

Whether you are working with cell-based or biochemical assays, our GPCR overexpressing cell lines and membranes originate from clones carefully selected to produce the most effective assays.

Our cell line clones have been selected to produce the most effective:

  • Radioligand binding
  • GTP binding
  • cAMP activation
  • Calcium flux
  • Downstream phosphorylation measurements

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Radiometric Assays

Radiometric detection remains the most sensitive assay today. We offer scintillation proximity assays (SPAs) and radiolabeled ligands for ligand binding studies, plus a vast array of radiochemicals for all your research needs.

Our products support a range of radiometric assays, including:

  • Scintillation Proximity Assays (SPA)
  • Receptor-Ligand binding assays – using either tritiated and iodinated compounds


PerkinElmer offers a range of ELISA alternative immunoassay technologies that enable selection of the optimal immunoassay platform for your requirements. From sample compatibility to sample volume, throughput, detectable range, signal window, signal stability, reproducibility, automation compatibility, and desired speed of results, PerkinElmer offers immunoassay technology platforms, pre-configured kits, and customizable reagents for superior results.

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OnPoint Custom Solutions

Are you working on a novel target? Need to develop an assay? We’re here to help. Choose between custom labeling or custom assay development. Let our experts

  • Extend your lab's capabilities by labeling your sample so you can develop your own assay – Alpha, HTRF, LANCE Ultra and DELFIA labeling available.
  • Let us develop an assay to your specifications.

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Better Microplates Means Better Results

A microplate is a critical part of your discovery process. Microplates have the capability to generate valuable, information-rich data that bring great insights into discovery screening.

Microplate planarity and inaccurate data collection are common issues caused by microplates that are not carefully designed for the unique challenges of sample screening which can result in missed data points, sample re-screening, missed project timelines, and ultimately higher costs.

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Microplate Readers

PerkinElmer offers a family of plate readers focused on performance, versatility, and reliability for today's laboratory needs. Our drug discovery reagents are validated using our microplate readers, ensuring optimal performance when used together.

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Biomarker Detection Reagents

Our biomarker detection reagents and kits are designed to excel in applications that rely on high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, and easy automation. With no ...

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Protein-Protein Interaction Research

Protein-protein interaction research is uncovering new targets for drug discovery in cancer and a variety of other diseases. However, measurement, modulation, a ...

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Protein Kinase Research Reagents

Cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s research can benefit from the study of phosphorylation and protein kinase activity. Because of their role in signal transducti ...

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GPCR Research Reagents

GPCR research remains a widely studied area in drug discovery. As the complexity of the roles of GPCRs in signaling are unraveled, it is as important as ever to ...

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Epigenetic Research

The study of gene expression is opening new doors for drug discovery. Our epigenetics solutions include cellular detection kits and epigenetic assays for reader ...

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Immuno-oncology Reagents

Immuno-oncology (I-O) is a rapidly expanding area of personalized medicine. Researchers are exploring the complex relationship between tumor cells and the immun ...

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CNS Research

CNS research seeks to advance treatment for central nervous system disorders through the discovery and quantitation of biomarkers, mechanisms, and drug targets. ...

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Cardiovascular Disease Research

Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death globally, and understanding its causes is critical for treatment and preventative care. Our phenotypic and ta ...

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Metabolic Disease

Metabolic diseases like diabetes are increasingly widespread, and research for this class of diseases relies on discovering and quantifying biomarkers to elucid ...

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Virology Reagents

Viruses and virally transmitted diseases have been impacting human health and well-being for millennia. Some of our greatest scientific challenges and medical t ...

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