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NIR Grain Analyzers

Dedicated NIR Grain Analyzers

Suitable for laboratory and at-line operation, our Dedicated NIR Grain Analyzers are known for their rugged and reliable design providing simple, rapid, routine bench-top analysis. In less than 30 seconds, PerkinElmer’s dedicated NIR Grain analyzers measure ash, moisture, protein and other key components accurately and reproducibly.

Inframatic 9500 NIR Grain Analyzer

  • Reliable, robust grain analyzer built to meet the requirements of grain handling operations.
  • Analysis of a wide range of grains and oilseeds for moisture, protein, oil and many other parameters in less than 30 seconds.
  • Wavelength calibration is performed with NIST references, providing full traceability back to measurable standards.

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Inframatic 9520 NIR Flour Analyzer

  • The new dedicated NIR instrument for flour and semolina
  • Accurate results for ash, moisture, protein and other key components in less than 30 seconds
  • Quality data to monitor and optimize the milling degree

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Inframatic 8800 NIR Grain Analyzer

  • The next generation portable NIR instrument for protein, moisture and oil determination in grain and oilseed.
  • Equipped with GPS enables point specific sampling to generate protein maps on-the-go to make informed harvesting and binning decisions.
  • Uncompromising quality and build standards for reliable highly accurate data.

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