Dairy Processors

Dairy processors operate in a world of constantly changing raw material suppliers and thinning profit margins plus the ever-escalating safety regulations for the detection of antibiotics, hormones, natural toxins, and a variety of microbial and industrial contaminants.

Compounding these external factors, processors are challenged with quickly and accurately verifying the quality of inbound raw materials, and their own outbound finished products - while continually optimizing their processes to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Through reliable analytical solutions with global support and services, PerkinElmer has become a renowned and respected partner for dairy processors. Whether you need to monitor ingredient performance, tighten quality, optimize production processes, verify finished product quality or reduce time to market, our dairy solutions address the requirements of your fast-paced environment while in adherence to leading industry standards: IDF, ISO, ICAR and AOAC.

Fluid Milk

Efficient production of quality dairy products requires full control of incoming milk quality. This puts high demands on milk analyzers to meet multiple, seemingly conflicting, criteria. Accuracy, rapid analysis, ease of use, and robustness are all critically important. The comprehensive PerkinElmer portfolio of analyzers is the result of more than 30 years of experience in milk testing technology.

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Moisture, fat, protein, salt, pH: these compositional elements of natural cheese making are best analyzed with NIR spectroscopy. Rheometry provides natural cheese’s functional analysis –melting temperature and viscosity – important characteristics for both the consumption of cheeses and downstream processing.

Processed cheese quality depends on the composition and performance of its components: natural cheese, dairy solids, and other functional ingredients. Because of the natural variability in component ingredient performance and the high cost of rework, processed cheese manufacturers assess ingredient parameters to ensure optimal performance and drastically reduce rework and waste.

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To optimize production and ensure your product meets the most stringent regulations as profitably as possible, our NIR systems measures fat, moisture, and salt

  1. In real-time within the process line
  2. At-line or
  3. In the lab

The analysis data can be integrated into an overall process control system to further maximize output, minimize butterfat tolerances, reduce rework and product recalls, and avoid penalties.

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Dairy Powders

Dairy powders are used as ingredients in many different types of foods and this diversity of use generates stringent specifications – both nutritional and functional. The combination of NIR and RVA will meet customers’ requirements needs as well as allowing great flexibility to customize products for specific uses – from milk powder for pudding production or a whey protein powder for protein supplements.

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Cream, Ice Cream

Cream is a core ingredient in many finished foods, especially ice cream, and its’ fat and total solids content dictate both the payment terms and use within other products. Accurate control of fat content enables smarter optimization of downstream processes while improving quality, maximizing profitability and advancing efficiencies of new product development.

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Yogurt, Spreads, Sauces

The compositional and functional analysis of yogurts, cheese spreads and dairy-based sauces drive these individual products’ commercial success.

  • Yogurt - Rapidly test for texture, viscosity, mouth feel, effects of shear, heat, cold, and enzymatic activity.
  • Cheese spreads - Analyze melting characteristics, viscosity of melted cheese, gelling characteristics of whey protein concentrates, and the hydration index of rennet caseinate.
  • Sauces – Quickly assess thickening, viscosity breakdown, melting, and starch pasting characteristics.

Accurate analysis throughout production is key for the optimization of downstream processes, improving quality, maximizing profitability and advancing efficiencies of new product development.

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