Dairy Powders

Dairy powders, used in many processed foods and dietary supplements, are a primary source of protein other micronutrients.

  • The DA 7300 In-line NIR system measures moisture, fat, protein, and more in real-time in your production process. You can use it to optimize drying or verify conformity with specifications, and the continuous measurement provides better information on your process than a grab sample does.
  • The DA 7250 SD system analyzes all types of dairy powders for multiple parameters in just six seconds, and ease-of-use features allow plant operators to analyze all batches, simply and easily.
  • The RVA system provides valuable information as to how powders perform under various conditions in different matrices: test the dairy powder as it is, determine properties such as gelling temperature, or detect heat damage due to processing or storage. You can also test it as a component within a given formulation, ramp the temperature and mixing speeds up and down, and measure responses to these stressors over time.

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