Cognitive Search

Discover, understand, organize, and query content from multiple sources with Attivio, a next-gen search platform that employs AI technologies like natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning.

AI-Powered Search

Answers live in different silos. AI-powered search makes corporate-knowledge and other assets instantly discoverable – transforming productivity and research in life sciences.


Our partnership with Attivio, the leading cognitive search and insight company, brings artificial intelligence to bear in your life science research --


  • Unify information found across organizational silos
  • Discover meaning in structured and unstructured data and documents
  • Scale knowledge-management initiatives gracefully
  • Leverage agile, extensible platform for smarter, faster search


Attivio Search brings personalization and relevancy to data delivery for more efficient and thorough life science research. Silos break down with the AI-power of Attivio Search.

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Text Mining

Find untapped research value hidden in unstructured data and documents. The text-mining capabilities of Attivio Search:


  • Automatically identifies key concepts
  • Extracts entities
  • Analyzes sentiment
  • Supports multiple languages


Attivio Search mines the vast landscape of unstructured text to find information relevant to your research. It reveals the full value of buried insights, then unifies that with related structured data to present a more complete view.

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Life Sciences Expertise

Accelerate your research with a 360° view of relevant information. Our extensive scientific domain expertise and knowledge of big data, coupled with Attivio’s data discovery and search capabilities, make this comprehensive view possible.


Gain insights faster, accelerating your research.

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Cognitive Search and Insight Blog

| Joe Lichtman - 2 mins read
Sometimes innovation doesn’t come in the form of a new drug. It comes in the form of a new use for drug that’s already received FDA approval. These “off-label” benefit patients, while increasing ROI for the company that created the drug. For example, Gabapentin, used primarily to treat seizures and ...

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