Clinical Analytics

Our Informatics’ clinical solutions streamline clinical trials with real-time access to clinical data during all phases of clinical development, allowing the user to interact with the data as soon as it is collected.

Clinical trials are enhanced by:

  • Exploration of the key aspects of the protocol for specified follow-up.
  • Ensures protocol adherence by identifying drop-outs and violations.
  • Provides views on all the data early and often which facilitates rapid data cleaning and ensures data quality.
  • Reduces the churn and rework from static reports and listings leveraging self-service exploratory analysis.
  • Allows for the re-use of workflows for multiple trials/therapy areas saving time and money in development and validation efforts.

Medical Review

Missing safety signals is the greatest concern for everyone in clinical development, especially medical monitors who are directly responsible for the well-being of trial subjects. With patient safety as the primary directive and concern for the entire clinical team, processes and technologies that can mitigate safety issues during medical review, in stream, all the time, are the gold standard.

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Risk-Based Monitoring

Our Risk-Based Monitoring Solution is the most effective way to leverage data-driven insights to optimize site performance while improving patient safety. With the changing regulatory landscape, you must assess risk holistically, looking beyond just KRIs, by having the technology in place to ensure full data visibility and capabilities to identify and act on root cause for known risks.

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Built on the best-in-class scientific analytics and data discovery platform, TIBCO Spotfire®, our innovative solution for pharmacovigilance, enables teams to strategically transform their medical review, safety review, and compliance monitoring processes; gain new insights leading to faster identification of safety risks early in development, and reduce the time and costs of preparing for safety team reviews.

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Inside Informatics

21 March, 2019 | Rob Rittberg
I know what you’re asking, “Is this a marketing turn-of-phrase or an attainable outcome?” A Medical Monitor’s top priority is to protect clinical trial subjects by monitoring safety signals in the data. To that end, what are your medical monitor’s processes and what technology are they using to ensu ...

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