Chromegabond Amino/Cyano LC Columns

Our specially designed Chromegabond® Amino/Cyano columns are based on aminopropyl/cyanopropyl bonding. Many of these columns are useful for older USP designated methods, including Chromegabond Amino/Cyano, C2 and C6. This phase can be used to separate polar compounds in both reverse phase and normal phase chromatography. Chromegabond Amino/Cyano can be used to determine nitrogen containing compounds in crude oil using normal phase chromatography.

Features and Benefits:

  • Range of stationary phase chemistries to enhance method development
  • Unique phases available, such as DNAP, Silver Silica, Amino/Cyano for the analysis of petroleum products
  • Many phases are useful for older USP designated methods
  • Preparative dimensions available to allow flexibility and full scalability

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