cfDNA Isolation and Analysis Instruments

Many challenges need to be overcome for reliable analysis of circulating DNA (cfDNA). To meet this need, PerkinElmer has developed complete, automated, end-to-end solutions ranging from blood fractionation, to DNA extraction, and cfDNA processing which simplify the process and improve the efficiency of the cfDNA analysis workflow.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Vanadis® cfDNA Platform: Automated and Cost-Effective cfDNA Analysis Solution

Unlike complex, expensive sequencing-based platforms, the Vanadis platform enables cost-efficient cell-free DNA analysis using standard microplates and automated processing – from primary tube to final data analysis. It’s so easy to use that one lab technician can handle up to 20,000 determinations per year.

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chemagic™ 360 Instrument

The chemagic™ 360 workstation is a compact, high volume instrument delivering high throughput cfDNA isolation. With dimensions of only 80 x 80 cm and its unique sample volume flexibility, the chemagic™ 360 instrument is an innovative system that can be adapted to fit almost all of your DNA and RNA purification needs. 1 - 96 samples/run.

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chemagic™ Prime™ Instrument

The chemagic Prime™ instrument is a highly automated platform combining chemagen patented M-PVA Magnetic Bead technology for DNA and RNA purification with liquid handling to provide high-throughput automated isolation of ultra-pure nucleic acids, including cfDNA. 1-192 samples/run.

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chemagic™ Prime™ Junior Instrument

The chemagic™ Prime Junior instrument offers a streamlined workflow from primary sample to cfDNA isolation to assay setup. 1 – 24 samples/run.

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